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Accessories Said to ‘Protect Against 5G’ Found to Be Radioactive

  • Quite a lot of objects in The Netherlands which can be bought to ‘shield in opposition to 5G’ have been discovered to be radioactive.
  • The ‘Energy Armor’ equipment embrace a bracelet for kids, an eye fixed masks, and a necklace, which at the moment are banned from sale. 
  • 5G web know-how isn’t any danger to human well being. 

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Quite a lot of merchandise claiming to “shield” from 5G web rays have been discovered to be radioactive, Dutch authorities have announced. 

The ‘Energy Armor’ merchandise, which have been bought in The Netherlands, have been banned on the market by the Dutch Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (ANVS) after they issued an announcement informing shoppers that they emit ionizing radiation, which might pose a danger to human well being. 

The ANVS has announced that they are aware of 10 anti-5G products that are radioactive, together with bracelets designed for kids, a sleeping masks, and a necklace. 


“It can’t be utterly dominated out that sporting these merchandise constantly for an prolonged interval might show dangerous to your well being in the long run,” mentioned the ASVNS assertion.

The CDC explains that being uncovered to ionizing radiation can alter human cell construction, inflicting long-lasting results, together with most cancers. 

Energy Armor sleep mask, which has been found to be radioactive

Energy Armor sleep masks, which has been discovered to be radioactive


Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment

The 10 potentially harmful products are now banned on the market beneath the Dutch Nuclear Energy Act, with ASVNS stating that each one individuals in possession of those productions ought to cease sporting them instantly, and retailer them away in a sealed container or bag. 

The merchandise are impressed by the conspiracy concept that 5G is dangerous to people.

Insider’s Isobel Asher Hamilton reported that conspiracy theories round 5G have unfold on social media, with Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter all taking motion to attempt to curb the unfold.


One offshoot of the speculation claims that 5G accelerates the unfold of COVID-19 by reducing the physique’s immune system and that the coronavirus is itself a fiction designed to cowl up harm being performed by 5G. Both these claims are false. 

The conspiracy concept led to arson attacks on greater than 70 cellphone towers within the UK in 2020 and razors and needles were hidden on phone masts to hurt telecom engineers.  

The World Health Organization, amongst others, has acknowledged that 5G poses no well being dangers.


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