Archewood conjures dreams of the 16-bit glory days transported to 2021


You can perceive why very small indie MMO groups may gravitate towards creating SNES-style titles, as the graphics are far simpler to work with than advanced 3-D worlds. Plus, you’ve obtained on the spot nostalgic enchantment for some gamers who’ve been in search of a pixel artwork title.

But will Archewood be that gaming nirvana for old-school MMO players? It’s far too early to inform, to be sincere. This title’s solely been on the scene for just a few months now, providing bare-bones gameplay and options whereas the crew builds the recreation round early entry testers. However, it does have a horny aesthetic (granted that you simply like pixel artwork) and presents 4 courses (Knight, Archer, Druid, and Sorcerer) to strive.

According to the crew, Archewood will supply all of the acquainted trappings of MMORPGs, together with PvE questing, dungeon delving, PvP bouts, and survival parts. You can download it from to give it a whirl.