Bungie’s head of HR steps down and adds her own tale of abuse as more devs come forward about mistreatment

Destiny 2 developer Bungie was forged beneath an all too acquainted highlight in a report from IGN that detailed previous situations of crunch, sexism, and varied kinds of bigotry, whereas additionally noting that the studio was making an attempt to appropriate course, firing varied unhealthy actors and instituting a number of initiatives. Part of that effort to enhance the studio’s tradition is coming from Bungie’s HR workplace as Gayle d’Hondt, Bungie’s head of HR and an worker with the corporate since 2007, announced her departure.

In an electronic mail despatched to devs at Bungie, d’Hondt stated that the HR division must be “largely comprised of people new to Bungie” to ensure that the division to “be trusted to be [employee] advocates – not labeled as ‘enablers’ or seen as company resources who provide bad actors with safe harbor.” d’Hondt’s letter additionally revealed that she herself had been the sufferer of abuse from “a man, an executive, and someone I thought was my friend at Bungie – which resulted in Bungie firing him.”

Bungie’s weekly newsletter opened up with one other solemn acknowledgment of the revelations shared within the unique report, and additional said that because the story broke, further staff have come forth with their own accounts of abuse whereas on the studio. The put up resolves to analyze all future incidents in the event that they come to mild, whereas as soon as once more stating the corporate’s intention to proceed bettering.


“As we celebrate 30 years of creating worlds that inspire friendship, it is also important to recognize and own our mistakes. Any good we’ve done can’t be leveraged to explain away or justify the people who were hurt by inaction. We will learn from our past, not brush it aside – we have to do and be better.”

Meanwhile, Destiny 2’s vacation competition The Dawning is underway, bringing winter season quests and rewards like new weapons, Sparrows, and spaceships amongst different issues. The occasion runs from now to January 4th.



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