Conan Exiles is cracking down on toxicity and sploits on official servers

All is vanity.

Funcom seems to be cleansing up the Conan Exiles official servers, as this week it introduced a change to its terms of conduct. It particularly forbids hogging servers and land, abuse of the declare and building system, hacks, exploits, and the standard run of extraordinarily offensive (racist, sexual, hateful, threatening) chat, together with “terrorist and criminal glorification.”

“These rules are available in each official server’s Message of the Day most of the time. Ignorance of the rules will not be considered during intervention and does not give grounds for an appeal. Any infraction by a player will most likely have repercussions for the entire clan. If you’re not sure your clanmates will abide by the rules you might want to reconsider your membership. And if you do not plan on playing on a specific server any more it is often best to also leave your clan there.”

Of course, if you wish to be poisonous, you possibly can arrange a complete non-public server and go try this there. In reality, please do. Goodbye.