Do you like bad guys who talk a lot?

Halo Infinite blessed us with the most amusing grunts in the series, which is sort of an achievement contemplating how chatty they have been all the best way again to the unique. According to the deep Halo lore the grunts discovered English particularly to insult people in fight, because of a flourishing alien black marketplace for Earth cleaning soap operas. I’m not making this up.

Talkative enemies are a function of stealth video games—consider all these taffers in Thief, thugs fretting about Batman in Arkham video games, and guards discussing criminal sociology in No One Lives Forever—however even genres the place NPCs needn’t announce their presence so you know the place they’re always typically have mouthy bad guys. That’s not all the time a good factor.

Do you like bad guys who talk a lot?

Here are our solutions, plus some from our forum.


Wes Fenlon, Senior Editor: I might barely stand the slander this week when some members of the PC Gamer staff dared—dared!—counsel Halo Infinite’s enemies are too chatty or too foolish. I really like them! The elites are so indignant when you steal their autos, and every enemy sort has its personal set of taunting voice traces to play after they handle to get the killing shot on you, motivating you to get again in there for revenge. The grunts are the silliest, as they need to be, however their goofy traces primarily come out after they’re fleeing in terror or the final survivors left on the sphere. It actually contributes to how dynamic Halo Infinite’s battles can really feel.

In normal I’d say I’m fairly cautious of talkative enemies in video games, although, as chattiness often means you’re going to finish up listening to the identical traces repeated advert nauseam. There are video games that do it properly, after which there are video games like Mega Man X7, which possibly show that videogame enemies ought to by no means converse, ever.

Morgan Park, Staff Writer: I’m a fan of chatty foes, not less than when it isn’t distracting. I’m nonetheless getting used to getting roasted by Halo Infinite’s grunts after they stick me with a fortunate plasma nade—makes me want I might bark again at them as Master Chief, however I assume that is what my bullets are for. I’d love for extra shooter baddies to open their mouths as a substitute of wandering round waist-high cowl in silence, however I’ve all the time considered it as extra of a stealth sport factor. Stalking enemies feels all of the cooler when guards are realistically chatting about their days. I want extra of this kind of dialogue was only for taste, although, and never continuously making an attempt to offer you a trace about the place to go or what to do subsequent. Batman Arkham Knight’s goons kinda had taste, however they have been additionally obsessive about speaking about Batman.

Maybe the perfect use of chatter are the most recent Hitman video games. NPCs on these maps are continuously blabbering. Most of the passing dialogue is definitely a clue, however the intel they’re giving you is not often overt. You may hear the mailman say that your goal’s neighbor is gardening in his yard, however you do not know why that is useful except you already know he retains a spare key to your goal’s home in his pocket.


Tyler Wilde, Executive Editor: The goons in Sifu are considerably talkative. If you’re busting skulls, they are saying stuff like, “No method… no fuckin’ method,” and if you’re getting beat up, they begin asking if you’ve “had sufficient,” and different generic stuff like that. It is not a huge deal, however I do not like it. Halo Infinite not less than tries to be humorous, however these guys are simply dictating notes to themselves about my efficiency. Meanwhile, the solely line of dialogue in The Raid’s nearly two minute hallway fight is “take the leg,” and it really works tremendous. They do make a a lot higher number of vocal noises than you ever get in a sport, although: “ooh,” “wah,” “hyaa,” “gwaaah blaaagh bwaah aaah pa pa pa,” and so forth. Maybe we’d like extra of that.

Jody Macgregor, AU/Weekend Editor: As the official Borderlands 2-liker I’m in favor of it. That sport’s psychos cost out of canopy shouting stuff like “More pores and skin hats for my puppets!” and it is a higher expertise for it. One of them even quotes the whole lot of Hamlet’s soliloquy, “O, that this too too stable flesh would soften,” which is a wild factor to listen to from the voice actor who performed Krillin in Dragon Ball.

Lauren Aitken, Deputy Guides Editor: Personally could not give a shit about a bad man’s monologue. Escharum talked an excessive amount of, that is why I stored grappling grenades into his face. Now Eredin, there was a man who simply hid behind a masks for almost all of The Witcher 3 then had a wee rant on the finish, high quality stuff.

WoodenSaucer: If what they’re saying is intelligent or humorous, I like it. I additionally like in stealth video games when you can sneak as much as bad guys and get some perception into what their plans are, or what’s going on.


Johnway: I do not assume there’s a downside with chatty bad guys. I imply, take a look at Shodan who taunts you all all through citadel station and responding accordingly with murderous intent and mockery. It is perhaps boring to hype a bad man all by means of the sport solely to make a grand look on the finish.

So like all issues, all of it boils right down to execution of the dialogue, how attention-grabbing the bad man is and the size of it. What I do not wish to see is lengthy, unskippable, pretentious and/or irrelevant monologues from an unlikable character (even for bad man requirements).

mainer: If achieved accurately I feel it helps flesh out the persona of the “bad man”, in order that he/she/it’s one thing extra than simply a generic bullet sponge on the finish of the sport. Whether it regularly reveals a tragic previous that compelled this particular person to do evil deeds, or exhibits the sadistic thoughts of a actually wicked character, and even one thing in between. As Johnway acknowledged the execution is important, and his instance of Shodan from the System Shock video games is a good instance.

Another instance that involves thoughts is Jon Irenicus from Baldur’s Gate 2. Corrupted by the lure of energy and solid out by the elves, he descended into deeds of depravity and torture that’s regularly revealed by means of his dialog in a few brief lower scenes in addition to transient encounters with the participant.

Pagan Min

(Image credit score: Ubisoft)

ZedClampet: GLaDOS can talk all she needs. Another baddy that I favored listening to from was Pagin Min from Far Cry 4. Basically I take pleasure in it when the bad guys are humorous. When they’re simply hurling clichés and threats at me, I tune them out. And I typically love listening to what the NPC bad guys in Far Cry video games, basically, are saying and the way the traces are voice acted (often over-acted). It’s typically hilarious to take somebody out and depart the physique to be discovered. I do not know why, however when they’re screaming their anguish and furiously attempting to find the wrongdoer it simply cracks me up. And then a minute later, they will settle down and say, “I am unable to discover them. They will need to have left,” and instantly return to no matter they have been doing earlier than.

Brian Boru: I dislike cutscenes for bad guys to preach at me, but it surely’s tremendous if they arrive through by way of telephone or radio—in brief, do not get in the best way of my gameplay. Another cool factor is when the baddies converse their very own lingo, like say in Crysis on the hardest degree, the NKA converse in Korean—good contact.

Similar in Far Cry Primal, the place Ubisoft went the additional mile in setting up 3 prehistoric languages for the three tribes—I loved determining a few phrases whereas stalking the opposition. C&C Generals ZH had some enjoyable taunting from opposing generals.

In normal, so long as it isn’t a small assortment of bland ‘noises’ repeated advert nauseum, I’m tremendous with chatter.

A horserider in a skull mask

(Image credit score: CD Projekt)

McStabStab: In the Witcher 3, Eredin mentioned 12 voice traces in my complete 100+ hour expertise, and I actually felt unfulfilled with our rivalry. His actions spoke for him, however I like somebody nagging and taunting you, constructing to that second of satisfaction the place you get to close them up for good.

As talked about above, SHODAN and GLaDOS have been nice examples, however some others that spring to thoughts are Higgs from Death Stranding, Andrew Ryan and Frank Fontaine from Bioshock, and Deathshead and Frau Engel from Wolfenstein.

As for normal “grunt” foes, I do not thoughts them being talkative, but when the voice traces get repetitive I can take it or depart it. Like Skyrim attackers saying “that is the half the place you fall down and bleed to loss of life!” is alright the primary ten instances you hear it, however after that it is a bit a lot.

Krud: I like scripted and/or one-shot dialogues from enemies, moreso in the event that they’re essential. It’s not all the time clear by their actions that they should die (oh, no, they’re killing issues? I’ve by no means achieved THAT earlier than), so typically what they must say offers you ample motivation/justification to eliminate them.

That being mentioned, I do not like dialogue that ruins the verisimillitude, like the notorious bandit with an arrow in his chest saying “Guess it was my creativeness.” I additionally do not like it when I’m 99.9% sure somebody hasn’t detected me however are nonetheless like “That’s shut sufficient” or “What are you doing there.” (Unless there’s a legitimate story/environmental motive as to why they will detect me regardless of all different indications.) I additionally favor that video games know when I’ve “overheard” one thing after which select to not repeat it later, as a result of it is simply bizarre to listen to two guards have the EXACT similar dialog they’d had with one another not 5 minutes earlier. Don’t loop it. If it is essential, add it to my quest log or one thing as having overheard it.

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