DR ELLIE CANNON: Why do I feel so warm that I can’t even bear to have my heating on?

I was keen on a latest reader’s letter you answered, from somebody saying they at all times felt chilly – as a result of I am the other.

I’m uncomfortably warm, on a regular basis. Visitors usually say the home is just too chilly, however I can’t tolerate the heating being on.

Visiting associates at the moment of yr could be a nightmare, as I at all times get too sizzling.

Can you recommend what may be the matter?


Feeling warm on a regular basis isn’t an issue I usually see – but when a affected person complained of this, the very first thing I’d do is have a look at what medicine they have been on.

Ramipril, used for hypertension, may cause sizzling flushes. And that entire group of medicines often known as ACE inhibitors, additionally given for blood-pressure management, may cause extreme sweating.

A reader who says that they are uncomfortably warm 'all the time' and can't even bear to turn the heating on today asks DR ELLIE CANNON what might be the matter (stock photo)

A reader who says that they’re uncomfortably warm ‘on a regular basis’ and can’t even bear to flip the heating on at present asks DR ELLIE CANNON what may be the matter (inventory photograph)

If somebody has a pores and skin illness corresponding to rosacea, eczema, urticaria or different allergic situations, they could feel sizzling on a regular basis because the pores and skin tends to be warm and pink, creating an uncomfortable sizzling, prickly feeling.


Feeling extraordinarily sizzling, or illiberal of warmth, could be a signal of an over-active thyroid gland – blood assessments ought to give you the chance to present if so.

If the thyroid is overactive, producing an excessive amount of thyroid hormones, this is able to additionally trigger different signs together with coronary heart racing, agitation and constitutional upset like diarrhoea. Feeling sizzling can also be frequent through the menopause.

‘Private’ NHS GPs beggar perception

We all know appointments with NHS medical doctors are like gold mud in the meanwhile – we GPs have been suggested to pause non-urgent check-ups and concentrate on the booster programme.

But I’ve heard stunning tales from sufferers who inform of being supplied an appointment with medical doctors – in the event that they’re keen to pay for it.


It beggars perception however some sufferers have instructed of being turned away by an NHS physician – GPs and hospital specialists – solely to see the identical physician pop up on a non-public web site, providing to see them instantly, for a hefty value.

I have to be trustworthy, this surprises me as I understand how devoted my colleagues are to the NHS.

But I additionally know a number of who not too long ago switched to non-public observe, just because it’s extra versatile, with entry to a larger pool of assets to profit sufferers. But that doesn’t imply it’s acceptable once we’re turning away NHS sufferers determined for assist.

If you’ve had expertise of this not too long ago, write to me on the common tackle, on the fitting. 

This is not a nice topic, however for the previous three or 4 months I have been affected by uncontrollable bowel actions, with little or no warning.

I’ve had a colonoscopy, however this did not present any reply, and the GP mentioned she can’t do something additional. Imodium has little or no impact, and I am turning into scared to go away the home.

This has fully stopped me in my tracks. What can I do?

I have had just a few letters not too long ago from readers with very vital signs, adopted by one check which is regular, after which no additional investigation of what’s going on.

This worries me. Serious and vital new signs do have a trigger, notably in someone over the age of 60.

One routine investigation isn’t normally sufficient to draw a conclusion. In a case like this, a colonoscopy ought to give you the chance to rule out bowel most cancers, however with such a dramatic and sudden onset of signs, I would definitely need to run extra assessments.

A specialised stool check for bowel most cancers – often known as qFIT – must be accomplished. Blood assessments are vital to see if there are indicators of blood loss, irritation and different adjustments, for instance within the liver.

Bowel most cancers isn’t the one most cancers to trigger diarrhoea. It could be brought on by pancreatic most cancers or ovarian most cancers, and scans could also be wanted to rule these out. It could be the results of anal most cancers. Although that is uncommon, it’s extra frequent in girls than males.

There are in fact a lot much less severe and extra frequent causes of diarrhoea corresponding to infections, medicine unwanted effects and bowel illness corresponding to diverticulosis.

But as a result of it may be an indication of one thing severe, an in-person session is required, with an examination of the underside and the stomach, together with a referral to a specialist, or specialists, for additional assessments.

I have a giant loud night breathing drawback – simply as my mom did. What can I do? I’m 62, married and a person.

It can appear virtually comical, however loud night breathing is a severe problem – and one that impacts the well being of each the snorer and their associate, and even different members of the family who have their sleep disturbed.

We take into consideration 1 / 4 of Britons are common snorers, and almost half the inhabitants snores in some unspecified time in the future of their life.

Snoring is basically noisy respiration, when the air can’t transfer simply by means of the airways and causes rattling in comfortable tissues of the mouth, nostril and throat.

Do you have a query for Dr Ellie?

Email [email protected] or write to Health, The Mail on Sunday, 2 Derry Street, London, W8 5TT.

Dr Ellie can solely reply in a common context and can’t reply to particular person instances, or give private replies. If you have a well being concern, at all times seek the advice of your individual GP.

If somebody says they have a giant loud night breathing drawback, a physician can be eager to discover out if that is, actually, due to a situation known as sleep apnoea.

This is when the airways, throughout sleep, calm down to the purpose the place they mainly collapse, hindering respiration.

It causes extremely loud and disturbing loud night breathing, and victims, who sleep very poorly, usually complain of daytime sleepiness and complications.

If sleep apnoea is suspected, the GP wants to make a referral for sleep research to make the precise analysis. The situation could be handled by carrying a particular oxygen masks, known as CPAP, to preserve the airways open in a single day.

For snorers who do not have sleep apnoea, way of life measures definitely assist: keep away from alcohol and sedatives earlier than mattress, stop smoking, and weight reduction can cut back the stress on the airways within the neck.

Some individuals snore extra as a result of their nasal passages are blocked from allergic reactions, so treating this with antihistamines or nasal spray may help. Mouth gadgets – which look a bit like a boxer’s mouth-guard – which transfer the jaw ahead can be found commercially and may help some individuals as they preserve the airway open.

Nasal dilators are actually additionally accessible – little comfortable gadgets that sit within the nostrils and gently preserve the nasal passages open whilst you sleep.

Booster queues: a small value to pay to keep protected 

I’ve had just a few sufferers asking me how they’ll keep away from a protracted queue once they flip up to get their booster.

My reply is that this: sadly, you’re going to have to queue.

Of course you possibly can guide in on the NHS web site, however with so many logging on, it’s fraught with technical difficulties.

I've had a few patients asking me how they can avoid a long queue when they turn up to get their booster. My answer is this: unfortunately, you¿re going to have to queue. Pictured: A vaccination queue before dawn for a booster jab at a Central London hospital

I’ve had just a few sufferers asking me how they’ll keep away from a protracted queue once they flip up to get their booster. My reply is that this: sadly, you’re going to have to queue. Pictured: A vaccination queue earlier than daybreak for a booster jab at a Central London hospital

The finest and quickest approach to get a jab is to go to a walk-in web site – you will discover a listing in your native council’s web site.

And sure, this may contain a queue, however it’s a small value to pay for avoiding one other lockdown, or avoiding catching a probably deadly virus.

Turning up as early as potential may imply a shorter wait, as will attempting your luck at an area pharmacy. But a little bit queue gained’t harm you: we’re British – we love them!

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