Fast Ways to Gain XP

Gaining XP in any sport is extraordinarily necessary. It’s even an even bigger challenge in Icarus because you solely get to unlock crafting tech tiers when you attain sure ranges. Likewise, you’re penalized every time your character dies when you’re taking part in solo. Here’s our Icarus leveling information to enable you to with some quick methods to achieve XP.

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Icarus Leveling Guide: Fast Ways to Gain XP

In basic, you’ll be able to earn XP in Icarus by doing nearly any activity. Gathering uncooked supplies, crafting, and killing wild animals ought to enable you to progress. We additionally counsel spending a number of hours within the Beachhead Recon mission. Although it serves as the sport’s tutorial, you’ll be able to achieve XP and be taught the ropes when you’re at it. Once you attain roughly stage 10 or so, that’s when it’s best to exit and do early-game missions like Livewire Terrain Scan because you’ll have some respectable tech tree unlocks and abilities. In any case, let’s talk about some quick methods to achieve XP and stage up in Icarus.


Chopping Down Trees

Believe it or not, chopping down timber supplies 300 XP (greater than different gathering duties). You’ll undoubtedly need a Stone Axe for this (10x fiber, 4x stick, and 8x stone). Related abilities which you can receive later embody:

  • Lumber Yield – Increased wooden from felling.
  • Peerless Lumberjack – Chance to immediately chop up a tree.

Icarus Leveling Guide Fast Xp Gain 1

Building and Dismantling Objects


The wooden that you just obtained from felling timber, in addition to different supplies, can be utilized for leveling in Icarus. Ideally, you’ll need to have some additional factors for the tech tree. Then, unlock some Tier 1 tech tree blueprints like:

  • Wooden Beam – 4x fiber and 8x wooden.
  • Wooden Floor – 12x fiber and 20x wooden.
  • Wooden Wall – 12x fiber and 20x wooden.
  • Wooden Ramp/Roof – 12x fiber and 20x wooden.

Next, begin crafting a number of of those objects. You’re not truly constructing a makeshift shelter. Instead, you’re simply incomes XP by way of the crafting motion. When you’re accomplished, spotlight an object and press “Y” to dismantle it. The merchandise might be returned to your stock. Right-click on that merchandise and destroy it to refund a number of the supplies that have been used so you’ll be able to hold crafting extra.

Note: You can receive a expertise like Discount Wood (wood buildables value much less to craft) to assist with the method.

Icarus Leveling Guide Fast Xp Gain 2


Killing and Luring Animals

The greatest manner to kill animals and achieve XP in Icarus is by utilizing bows. You’ll need to be taught the crafting blueprints for the next:

  • Wood Bow – 30x fiber and 24x stick.
  • Stone Arrows – 1x fiber, 1x stick, and 1x stone
  • Optional: Bone Arrows – 1x fiber, 1x stick, and 5x bone.

Note: Sneak assaults with bows deal additional harm. My recommendation is to examine your Settings -> Controls and make it possible for Toggle Crouch is enabled. If you press the corresponding keybind, you’ll be able to keep crouched as opposed to preserving the button held down.

Icrsrv Bggd Lv 1

Now, you is likely to be considering that it is best to rapidly pores and skin an animal after killing it. Well, that’s viable. However, it’s truly higher to depart the carcass out within the open. If you keep stealthed and watch for a minute, wolves may spawn as a result of they odor the useless animal. You can snipe them within the head and depart them there to lure out extra carnivores.

Note: If you’ve already unlocked the Kill List Extermination mission, you can also make your manner to the Lethal Predator’s den when it’s daytime. Build a wood ramp that allows you to get on prime of a rock formation (i.e., the place hostile mobs can’t attain you). The Lethal Predator periodically summons pack wolves which you can additionally kill at your leisure. The solely draw back is that the goal’s script may bug, and it received’t spawn mobs anymore.

Icrsrv Bggd Lv 2

Icarus is out there by way of Steam.

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