Final Fantasy XI brings the Dragon Quest X crossover event around once again


It’s powerful for followers to really feel as a lot about Dragon Quest X as different entries in the sequence, seeing as the way it’s the one installment that has not been launched in Western markets. Still, you don’t must have performed the MMORPG to understand the series-wise mascots of the small iconic blobs which might be slimes, so Final Fantasy XI followers who would possibly in any other case go on the crossover event can have a look at it simply as a chance to receive some slime-based gear and appearances.

Of course, buying these appearances would require some slime-based antics, mainly revolved around discovering slimes, she-slimes, and metallic slimes invading Vana’diel. Players can even want to have interaction the little blobs in fight to seize them, which supplies slime cash that may be subsequently traded for different rewards. If the prospect of slime-based hats and shields attraction to you, hey, you can enjoy the event for that when it kicks off on Tuesday, December 21st.



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