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Flight attendant says if you travel First Class they have a meeting about who you are

A former flight attendant with years of expertise beneath her belt has spilled some “secrets and techniques” about the First Class expertise.

Kat Kamalani, who determined to depart the job through the pandemic, beforehand revealed flight crew often dislike working within the First Class part of the airplane.

According to the married mum-of-two, flight attendants hardly ever volunteer for the position although it often comes with further pay.

In a new put up, Kat revealed extra about working in First Class and the extent of element that goes into making it a soft expertise.


First of all, she claims flight attendants truly have a meeting earlier than departure about who their particular company can be.

Kat Kamalani

Kat Kamalani spills the beans about First Class air travel

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She says: “Before each single flight we have one thing that is referred to as a briefing and in that briefing we’re given a sheet of any authorities official, celebrities, any ‘million milers’ or diamonds.


“It additionally offers us something that offers with allergic reactions or disabilities.”

‘Million Milers’ and ‘Diamonds’ are particular standing passengers who have achieved among the many highest variety of air miles with Delta Airlines.

Kat provides: “If it is a longer flight there’s going to be a meal ready and it may be placed on the flight for us.

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Flight crew are briefed on who is who in First Class says Kat
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“Side notice, if you have a dietary restriction or allergy be sure that you put that [on your booking] earlier than as a result of we do not have a full working kitchen.

“If you made a particular request beforehand, we are going to ship that first, and relying on the flight quantity, we are going to take everybody’s order from again to entrance or entrance to again and distribute the meals.

“Most of the time, the individual who is working First Class is the flight chief and they name the pictures – after the pilots after all.”

The video was watched greater than 37,000 instances since Kat uploaded it on her @katkamalani TikTok on Tuesday (January 11).

One viewer stated: “Oh wow that is cool.”

A second viewer requested: “So if all of us pay the identical value for First Class, what distinction does it make if I’m a movie star or gov official or not?”

Kat steadily makes movies about her time as an air hostess and has defined why placing your seat up and tray down when you are informed will be a “life and loss of life” state of affairs.

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