Genshin Impact: Misty Dungeon – Realm of Light guide

The Misty Dungeon has returned in Genshin Impact. Compared to its iteration again in May, this one is much more streamlined. Here’s our Genshin Impact Misty Dungeon – Realm of Light guide that will help you with the goals and trials for this occasion.

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Genshin Impact Misty Dungeon – Realm of Light guide

Many of the core ideas within the Misty Dungeon occasion in Genshin Impact have been retained for this model 2.3 occasion. As of now, there are two trials obtainable, every with its personal set of enemies, modifiers, and rewards. Each trial additionally has a range pool of characters:

  • Thundershock Trial
    • Raiden Shogun, Childe/Tartaglia, Kujou Sara, Barbara, Sucrose, Xingqiu, and Beidou.
    • Triggering the Electro-Charged response helps restore the social gathering’s vitality and reduces burst cooldowns. Electro-Charged harm can also be elevated once you full Plunder challenges.
  • Freezing Trial
    • Ayaka, Mona, Diona, Barbara, Xingqiu, and Kaeya.
    • When characters assault Frozen opponents, their harm is elevated; will be additional elevated by finishing Plunder challenges.

Note: The characters listed here are pre-leveled, with preset weapons, artifacts, and abilities.

Genshin Impact Misty Dungeon Realm Of Light Guide 2a

Runes and problem markers

Runes have a vibrant beam of mild denoting their location. Activating them will result in an encounter in opposition to hostiles. Similarly, you’ll discover two sorts of problem markers:

  • Plunder – Completing these encounters will enhance the harm impact of the Ley Line Disorder/modifier.
  • Rejuvenation – Heals and revives all social gathering members.

Lastly, there are additionally protection turrets present in numerous rooms within the area. These received’t be main threats, and you must have the ability to handle if you happen to introduced a healer.

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Encounters and elemental reactions

Runes and problem markers have comparatively easy fights. After activating the runes, you’ll merely head to the central pit for the ultimate encounter.


For probably the most half, the Misty Dungeon – Realm of Light occasion in Genshin Impact has two duties that can web you rewards. The first is once you end a dungeon run, and the second is once you set off round 20 elemental reactions. For the Thundershock Trial, you’ll need Electro-Charged; for the Freezing Trial, you’ll wish to maintain enemies Frozen. These are pretty straightforward to do as effectively.

Note: The different trials will go reside within the coming days. The whole Misty Dungeon – Realm of Light occasion in Genshin Impact runs from December 17 to December 27.

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