Halo Infinite easter eggs: The best secrets from Halo Infinite’s campaign

Zeta Halo is an enormous place. It’s a sprawling Pacific Northwest forest, however with extra hexagons and extra offended aliens attempting to shoot you useless than you may discover within the precise state of Washington the place Halo builders Bungie and 343 Industries are each positioned. In the unique few Halo video games, Bungie at all times took the time to squirrel away just a few nice easter eggs, just like the thirsty Grunt and the I Would Have Been Your Daddy skull. It’s becoming that Halo Infinite continues and (embiggens) that custom by spreading skulls and all kinds of secrets and references all throughout the open world.

Below I’ve collected the easter eggs that gave me a chuckle within the campaign. We even have a information to Halo Infinite’s cranium places, a few of that are hidden much more deviously. 

The OG Xbox gaming lair 

Midway by Infinite’s campaign you will go on a mission that sends you to beacons scattered throughout the ring. Near a kind of beacons is that this extremely well-hidden easter egg. You must journey by this hexagonal tunnel and spot a tiny gap within the roof to grapple as much as a hidden cave, which appears prefer it was some UNSC Marine’s secret gaming room. There’s a pile of navy rations, a TV, and an authentic Xbox. Maybe they had been enjoying Halo: CE? 

Craig the Brute’s rock live performance

Probably essentially the most elaborate in-joke in Halo Infinite, this concert venue sits on high of The Tower, the positioning of one in all Halo Infinite’s first campaign missions. The complete factor is a tribute to Craig, the blank-faced Brute who turned a meme throughout final yr’s unlucky campaign reveal. Craig’s actually moved up on the earth, placing out an album and apparently occurring tour. Sometimes marines and Grunts reference him of their dialogue too, just like the propaganda tower asking, “Hey, we got a Craig out there?” 


Master Chief, the Arbiter, and extra, in plushie type

A Master Chief doll in Halo Infinite

(Image credit score: Microsoft, DEternalKronos on Reddit)

As quickly as you end the primary mission that takes you out onto the floor of Zeta Halo, you will hitch a Pelican trip to a brand new location and get dropped off close to a former UNSC base. From there you may grapple up the aspect of a close-by cliff and discover a cute toy model of Master Chief resting on a blanket. He’s not alone in toy type: there are additionally Arbiter, Pilot and Grunt figures on the market. 

A MAC cannon you may really hearth

I’m undecided if that is an easter egg or a glitch, however both method it is neat. During early mission Outpost Tremonius, you may climb up the aspect of a crashed UNSC cruiser, then hop on high of a mounted gun to… equip it? The gun will not present up in your fingers, however whenever you pull the set off it appears and sounds such as you’re firing the cannon of a Scorpion tank. Big increase. 


The Halo theme performs from the best peaks

unsure_if_its_been_mentioned_yet_but_i_was from r/halo

Climb to one of many highest viewpoints on the map and you will be rewarded with the chanting of Gregorian monks as you’re taking within the view. 

Blood Gulch is again, a minimum of in hologram type

A hologram shows Halo's Blood Gulch

(Image credit score: Microsoft, Redditor siracu55)


Who is aware of if Blood Gulch will make its method again as a playable multiplayer map in Infinite, however the iconic Halo: Combat Evolved map definitely hasn’t been forgotten. Here it’s in Banished hologram. 

Peanut the… gopher?

Halo Infinite's gopher easter egg

(Image credit score: Microsoft, Redditor CommanderChakotay)

In an early campaign mission you will stroll by a Forerunner storage facility, filled with slabs that seem like historic aliens frozen in Carbonite. They all match aside from one, which appears prefer it’s a gopher. According to Halo group supervisor John Junyszek, that is Peanut. 

Of course there is a Rick & Morty reference

In early mission The Tower, a Mr Meeseeks field is hidden behind a grate alongside the surface fringe of the room you circle on the way in which to the highest. Thankfully it doesn’t shout at you. 

Behold, a Big Sandwich

Like the Xbox, this sandwich is nicely hidden inside a cave on the ring. You’ll must grapple your method upward by a small hole within the rock to seek out this sandwich, being worshipped by a hoop of grunts. The music could sound familiar, too. 

Halo the arcade recreation

Not-so-hidden in a Forerunner room close to a Spartan core is Halo Infinite: the arcade recreation. The chiptune music is the actual deal with right here. Well, that, and the Brute who appears to have died from an excessive amount of gaming.

Sheila the tank

When the pilot drops off a Scorpion, generally he’ll inform you “her identify’s Sheila,” a reference to Red Vs. Blue, the place Sheila is the Blue Team’s tank. It’s one of some nods to Red Vs. Blue in Halo Infinite, others together with an achievement for getting the Scorpion in On the Road all the way in which to the House of Reckoning referred to as Bring Sheila Home Safely, marines shouting “Puma power!” and the pink choice in your AI pores and skin in multiplayer being labeled “lightish pink.” The loading display screen quote “You ever marvel why we’re right here?” is one other reference—the primary phrases spoken within the collection’ first episode. 

In Metal Gear Solid, the telepathic Psycho Mantis may learn your thoughts and predict your actions. To defeat him, a minimum of within the authentic PlayStation model, you needed to plug your controller into port two. Look, simply go along with it. Halo Infinite’s propaganda Grunts are apparently Kojima stans, since they suppose that is the key to defeating Master Chief. 

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