Halo Infinite skull locations guide

Searching for Halo Infinite skull locations? After the preliminary multiplayer launch not so way back, the marketing campaign has lastly arrived, and although co-op is not coming till mid-2022, there’s nonetheless plenty of enjoyable available wandering across the open ring world—see our Halo Infinite evaluate for extra particulars. 

Halo Infinite skulls are one of many methods you could tweak your marketing campaign. Just like earlier Halo video games, these collectables will be found, and every of them unlocks a modifier you could activate within the pre-campaign menu. These vary from greater explosions to classics like Grunt birthday celebration, which causes slightly celebration each time you headshot one. 

Finding every skull is a considerably difficult job made even tricker by the truth that there’s presently no approach to return and replay particular person missions. This implies that should you miss a skull throughout a narrative occasion and haven’t got an applicable save, you may must play the entire marketing campaign once more to get again to that time. That mentioned, listed here are the entire Halo Infinite skull locations.

All Halo Infinite skull locations

In this record, you may discover the situation for every Halo Infinite skull, in addition to its title, and the modifier it provides to gameplay.


Warship Gbraakon

  • Name: Boom
  • Effect: Doubles explosion radius

You can discover the primary skull through the opening mission, however it’s very straightforward to overlook. On the Warship Gbraakon, you may end up in a protracted room with a ground above you and three shifting lifts to your proper. Grapple as much as the second ground by means of the hole within the ceiling and leap onto the center carry. The Boom skull is sat on a container to your proper should you’re dealing with the wall.


  • Name: Cowbell
  • Effect: Acceleration from explosions is elevated

The second Halo Infinite skull is discovered through the mission on the Foundation. It’s a tricky one to pay money for, not to mention discover. Once you have picked up the Weapon, you may get to an space with holograms. Keep going till you attain an unlimited room, head to the left till you discover the purpose the place the room opens out and use your scanner to find the skull excessive above you. It’s difficult to get to, however preserve utilizing your grapple to get larger, and you may finally attain it.

North Zeta

Halo Infinite skull locations - the mining outpost near the conversatory.

(Image credit score: 343 Industries)

  • Name: Catch
  • Effect: Enemies throw and drop extra grenades

Once you attain Zeta Halo’s open world, head to the northern part of the map. You ought to discover a canyon to the northwest of Outpost Tremonius. There are enemies right here, however as soon as you have dispatched them, you’ll be able to recuperate the Catch skull from a tree stump.

West of FOB Alpha

  • Name: Fog
  • Effect: Disables movement tracker

This skull is present in a small cave on the very western fringe of the map. It’s nearly immediately west of Halo Infinite FOB Alpha, and you will have a a lot simpler time should you take a car to succeed in it. Look for the hexagonal columns and seek for a ledge alongside the western edge. The Fog skull is positioned inside a gap above the slender shelf, amongst a number of deserted helmets. 

The Tower

  • Name: I Would Have Been Your Daddy (IWHBYD).
  • Effect: Rare fight dialogue turns into extra frequent

The IWHBYD skull is discovered on prime of The Tower, and should you’re taking note of your environment, you may also spot the Craig easter egg close by. The best technique to rise up to the highest is to take a flying car. Once up there, search for the gathering of containers across the central construction, and you will find the skull sitting on prime of a chest.

South of The Tower

  • Name: Blind
  • Effect: HUD and weapon don’t show on-screen

The subsequent skull is discovered to the south of The Tower, the place you picked up the final Halo Infinite skull. You ought to see a deep ravine right here, so once more, use a flying car to discover beneath the floor. The Blind skull is positioned inside a well-hidden cave right here. Use your scanner to assist pinpoint the precise location. 


Near anti-aircraft weapons

  • Name: Thunderstorm
  • Effect: Upgrades the rank of most enemies

The Thunderstorm skull is one other difficult one to find. It will be discovered on prime of a hexagonal column, just about in the course of nowhere. It’s near the realm with the banished anti-aircraft weapons, and you may want to make use of your scanner to seek out its exact location. Once you have discovered the AA weapons, go searching for a cluster of hexagonal columns. The one you are on the lookout for is fairly small and stands barely away from the primary formation. 

South Zeta

Halo Infinite skulls locations - the sun rises over the ring-world.

(Image credit score: 343 Industries)

  • Name: Black Eye
  • Effect: Your shields solely recharge while you melee enemies

The Black Eye skull is present in a cave behind a tall waterfall. The opening is fairly small and arduous to identify, even while you’re shut—search for the darkish form of the doorway on the suitable facet of the waterfall, about midway up. Once inside, discover the skull sitting on prime of a stalagmite in the back of the cave. 

East Zeta

  • Name: Famine
  • Effect: Weapons dropped by enemies have half the ammo they usually would

This skull is discovered on the far japanese fringe of Zeta Halo. The space you are heading to seems like a small island in your map. The Famine skull is discovered on a ledge subsequent to a lifeless elite. The shiny yellow armor makes the situation barely simpler to identify from the sky.

Command Spire

  • Name: Mythic
  • Effect: Enemies have elevated well being

Once you are on the Command Spire mission, you may attain an space the place columns are handed by means of mild and etched with markings. There ‘s a gap within the ceiling, and you may must grapple to one of many shifting columns, then once more by means of the opening above you to succeed in the darker space above. From right here, there is a hard-to-see door larger up once more, so use your grapple to succeed in it and retrieve the Mythic skull from the room on the finish of the hall.


Halo Infinite skull locations - master chief holds the weapon against a blue and red backdrop

(Image credit score: 343 Industries)

  • Name: Grunt Birthday Party skull
  • Effect: Grunt headshots result in superb celebrations

The Grunt Birthday Party skull is discovered through the Repository mission. You’ll see a large room with a terminal within the heart. Activate the terminal to get a lightweight bridge to seem, resulting in one of many doorways on the room’s outdoors wall. Instead of crossing it, grapple throughout to the door in your proper. Grab the ability seed from contained in the room on the finish of the hall and take it to the room on the alternative facet—that is the opposite door with no mild bridge resulting in it.

It will be fairly difficult getting the ability seed to its vacation spot. If you drop it, it will respawn within the authentic location. You can throw it, although, so with a fortunate purpose or two, it is best to get it the place it must go. Once you have positioned the ability seed within the machine on this room, proceed with the mission as standard.

You’ll quickly arrive in a room with golden metallic plating on the partitions. If you lookup on the wall forward, it is best to see a gap you need to use your grapple to get to. If you did not place the ability seed earlier, this opening can be inaccessible. There are a few elites to take care of right here, however as soon as they’re taken care of, you are free to seize the Grunt Birthday Party skull.

Silent Auditorium

  • Name: Bandana
  • Effect: Grants limitless weapon ammo and grenades, and removes gear cooldowns

The final skull is discovered through the Silent Auditorium mission. Don’t kill any sentinels while you attain the massive room, or the final skull will not spawn. Instead, proceed by means of the extent till you get to a few mild bridges. Activate them and make your approach throughout and into a protracted room. The Bandana skull is positioned on prime of the construction within the heart, so grapple up there and decide up your prize.

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