Here are all the New World servers destined for a merge in the near future

So who had “New World merges” in your Christmas listing? Because that’s what you’re getting. Last night time, right now we’ll see chosen servers in Central Europe, US East, US West, and Australia pulled offline, all in the service of “[preparing] to support” merges. Expect the initial downtime starting at 4 p.m., a slight delay from the initially introduced midday plan.

Overnight, Amazon posted a extra detailed list of servers getting the squish, and it’s a lot of them, in some circumstances as many as six servers all being smooshed into a new server group. Just for reference right here, each of the servers I performed on are included, and each appeared to have first rate pops to me, so that implies Amazon is making an attempt to get out in entrance of future inhabitants shifts, not simply shoring up the most dire conditions.

This isn’t the first merge for the sport, as a number of servers have been merged final week.
Per the world merge server FAQ, Amazon says it’ll notify gamers in-game to anticipate the merge the following week, which ought to provide you an concept when the precise merge is occurring this time. The studio has beforehand mentioned it decides which servers to merge primarily based on their well being in the case of inhabitants dimension and “overall engagement.”



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