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‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’: Things You Never Noticed

There’s a statue of one other Dr. Seuss character in Whoville.

arrow pointing to horton elephant statue in how the grinch stole christmas

There are a couple of references to different Dr. Seuss characters.

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There are a number of enjoyable architectural options in Whoville, together with an elephant statue that appears to be a reference Dr. Seuss’ “Horton Hears a Who.”

In his story, the titular elephant saves the metropolis of Whoville (which exists on a tiny speck of mud), so it is sensible that they’d have a statue for him in the city. 

Jim Carrey additionally voiced each the Grinch and Horton in movie variations of the tales. 

The movie’s foreign money references American cash with a Whoville twist.


arrows pointing to the money in how the grinch stole christmas

Bills and cash are seen in a money register.

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Whoville is an eccentric city the place “Who” is added to basically every part, from folks’s names to vacation festivities.


While Whos are procuring at the begin of the film, viewers can see even the cash being positioned in the money register have “e pluribus whonum” written on them.

This seems to be a Whoville adaptation of the US’ latin motto “e pluribus unum,” (“out of many, one”), which is stamped on American cash.

An in depth Whoville post-office emblem could be seen on uniforms.

arrow pointing at whoville post office logo on lou lou who's uniform

The costuming in the movie may be very detailed.

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Cindy Lou Who’s father, Lou Lou Who, works at the Whoville publish workplace.

The emblem could be seen on the sleeve of his uniform in addition to round the publish workplace when he is sorting presents.

There are additionally detailed stickers on the presents they type, a few of which say “Do not open until Christmas.”

The Grinch is the solely character with out Who in his title, as proven by the mailboxes and telephone listing.

arrow pointing at grinch mailbox behind cindy lou who in how the grinch stole christmas

Most of the characters have Who someplace of their names.

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When Cindy Lou and her father are speaking in the publish workplace, the Grinch’s empty mailbox is mentioned.

The Grinch appears to be the just one with none mail and the solely resident whose title would not have “Who” someplace in it.

Other Whoville names that seem on close by mail slots embrace C. Whovine, M.M. Whovier, and J. Whobo.

Later, when the Grinch reads from the telephone listing, he solely reads final names underneath “Who.”

The Grinch drops a gift that disappears in the subsequent shot.

side by side screen grabs of a present error in how the grinch stole christmas

The different presents round it keep constant although.

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While rearranging packages in the mail room, the Grinch drops a yellow current on his left facet.

A second later, when the Grinch turns round, the bundle is not on the ground. But all the different scattered presents look the identical. 

After Betty Lou Who makes use of all the lights in the home as decorations, Lou Lou Who makes use of a candelabra for mild.

the lou whos using a candelabra in how the grinch stole christmas

All of their electrical energy went to their decorations.

Universal Pictures

When the Grinch prank calls the Lou Who household, Lou is holding a candelabra whereas he solutions the telephone.

It’s a small element that reveals that Betty Lou Who actually used all the lights in the home as Christmas decorations, as is earlier implied when she even repurposes her chandelier.

Cindy additionally makes use of a flashlight in her room on the identical night time.

The Grinch’s answering-machine message appears to reference a well-known horror film.

the grinch in how the grinch stole christmas

It appears to be a reference to “Scream.”

Universal Pictures

When the Grinch checks his answering machine, he listens to his outgoing message, which incorporates, “If you utter a lot as one syllable, I’ll hunt you down and intestine you want a fish.”

The line appears to be a reference to “Scream,” when the killer says into the telephone, “You hung up on me once more, I’ll intestine you want a fish.”

Only the first line of the newspaper article about the Grinch rhymes.

arrow pointing at newspaper article in how the grinch stole christmas

The line rhymes like a Dr. Seuss ebook.

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The first line of the newspaper article about the Grinch has the identical rhyme sample as the narration (and mimics Dr. Seuss’ rhyming type), however the remainder of the article is written in common prose.

The rhyming line is, “As the Christmas season attracts excitingly close to, somebody noticed the Grinch we concern.”

The Grinch’s Christmas drawing reveals Santa’s sleigh exploding.

arrow pointing at grinch's christmas drawing of snata's sleigh in how the grinch stole christmas

The flashback scene tells us rather a lot about the misunderstood villain.

Universal Pictures

During the flashback exhibiting the Grinch as a baby, he could be seen drawing a darkish vacation image.

The picture reveals Santa flying out of an exploding sleigh pulled by reindeer, one in every of which seems to be carrying a forged.

There can be a speech bubble from Santa’s mouth saying he blames the elves for the sleigh’s malfunction.

The schoolbooks the youngsters are seen with are about Christmas.

students in the classroom in the flashback scene of how the grinch stole christmas

The city is fairly obsessive about Christmas.

Universal Pictures

The youngsters of Whoville study Christmas at school, and their classroom is totally embellished for the vacation.

The constructing blocks in the again of the classroom appear to spell “merry,” and one in every of the schoolbooks the youngsters are holding is inexperienced and crimson with “Christmas” on the entrance.

The invitation Cindy palms the Grinch would not have any details about the place the celebration is.

invitation for the whoville celebration in how the grinch stole christmas

There’s little or no element on the invitation.

Universal Pictures

Cindy Lou provides the Grinch an invite that declares he is the Holiday Cheermeister.

The invitation additionally reiterates that it is the 1,000th Whobilation celebration, as talked about at the begin of the film.

But there’s no details about the place the celebration takes place, and regardless that it says to “RSVP ASAP,” there is no contact listed. 

When the Grinch assessments his sleigh, there’s clearly nobody in it when it hits the wall.

grinch's sleigh exploding and hitting the wall in how the grinch stole christmas

The particular results aren’t nice.

Universal Pictures

After the Grinch hatches his evil plan, he assessments out his sleigh by driving it straight right into a wall whereas carrying clothes normally seen on crash-test dummies.

But when the sleigh crashes, it is apparent that there is no one in. Instead, it simply appears like bits of clothes and props are hitting the wall.

Cindy Lou Who appears to be consuming a plate of inexperienced eggs and ham.

arrow pointing to cindy lu who's plate of green eggs and ham in how the grinch stole christmas

She appears to be consuming a well-known Dr. Seuss dish.

Universal Pictures

At the finish of the movie, as the Grinch is making ready to carve the roast beast for the Christmas feast, the digicam pans previous Cindy Lou Who.

All of the inexperienced meals on her plate resembles inexperienced eggs and ham, which is one other reference to a well-known Dr. Suess story. 

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