How to use consumer psychology to grow your small business

Marketing of the minds

I assume you on no account thought you’d be a part-time psychologist when you started your business.  Over the ultimate 10 years of proudly proudly owning a digital promoting and advertising and marketing firm, I’ve come to discover that worthwhile entrepreneurs marry the art work of design with the science of consumer psychology.

Funny adequate, I nearly double-majored in psychology because of I used to be fascinated by how people make decisions, and I imagine that’s what lastly led me to assemble my digital promoting and advertising and marketing firm. In this put up, we’ll dive further into the ins and outs of upper understanding your prospects and prospects, and I’ll current you the best way to use consumer psychology to grow your small business.

What is consumer psychology anyway?

Consumer psychology is the study of how our earlier life experiences, concepts, beliefs and feelings have an effect on the best way by which we have in mind and buy providers. To get a bit further formal, check out this definition from Auburn University:

“Consumer psychology is the study of individuals, groups, or organizations and the processes they use to select, secure, use and dispose of products, services, experiences or ideas to satisfy needs and the impacts that these processes have on the consumer and society.”

Let’s break that down into regularly phrases.

As entrepreneurs, we wish to start analyzing our prospects by a social and scientific lens, nearly like a promoting and advertising and marketing microscope.


If we wish to greater understand what makes them choose and use our providers, then we have got to dig deep and ask questions akin to:

  • Are there positive experiences they’ve had in life that may make them warmth to our mannequin?
  • Maybe there are lessons they’ve found alongside the best way by which that attracts them to our specific providers or merchandise?
  • Do they actually really feel specific emotions that may make them want to buy from our business over the competitor down the street or the next website online throughout the search engine outcomes net web page?

In essence, we wish to listen, research and leverage.

How do I listen, research and leverage?

Just simply currently, I used to be watching an episode of “90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life” with my nice partner, Linda. Judge in case it is best to, nonetheless it’s my accountable pleasure due to how correctly they perpetuate the storylines, and we bond over how our relationship simply is not virtually as unhealthy as a number of of those trainwrecks.

In one among many episodes, Colt (a polarizing character throughout the 90-Day universe) and his new girlfriend, Vanessa, attend a {{couples}} counseling session because of Vanessa merely doesn’t perception him based mostly totally on his outdated habits. As I listened to the change among the many many three, I couldn’t help nonetheless chuckle because of it sounded comparable to the advice I’d give to a small business consumer trying to greater understand their prospects:

  • Ask questions to resolve their headspace.
  • Build perception by being open-minded and reliable in your exchanges.
  • Constantly consider together with value to the connection.

The entire scene was an overdramatized occasion of listening, learning and leveraging. Colt needed to anticipate Vanessa’s desires and act in a fashion that really demonstrated his love and respect for her as a person. Vanessa, in flip, needed to know that she was okay for Colt so that his eyes wouldn’t wander to the next girl.

Now. roleplay: You are Colt, and in addition you’re courting a model new purchaser (Vanessa.) The purchaser has a stage of distrust because of they know you want to promote them one factor. They merely found you on Google, and they also don’t know in case you really care about their looking for experience.

It’s your accountability as a result of the business proprietor to understand what they benefit from, what they’re going to’t stand and what retains them up at evening time.


Armed with that data, you make your purchaser actually really feel further cozy throughout the relationship, reassuring them that you just actually value them. Your actions need to talk as loud as your phrases to permit them to know that they will perception you and their business is appreciated. Bonus components in case you may current such a “wow” experience that they arrive once more for a second date.

Do you see what I did there? I merely walked you via your private psychology session. I made you empathize with your purchaser and uncover a fashion to convey to them that they are better than solely a dollar sign. Science doesn’t have to be superior or boring. In actuality, you’re a scientist, and in addition you don’t even perceive it.

How does science work into my promoting and advertising and marketing?

Scientist working with pietri dish

What you may not discover is that every time you publish a social media put up or ship an email correspondence promoting and advertising and marketing advertising and marketing marketing campaign, you’re actually doing a science experiment. Think once more to heart college and highschool when you found regarding the scientific method. It works like this:

  • Question: Will this content material materials make people buy my providers or merchandise?
  • Research: Find the place your potential patrons congregate (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, email correspondence inbox, and so forth.).
  • Hypothesis: If I publish this content material materials, then further people will go to my website online and/or storefront and buy.
  • Experiment: Post, publish and ship. Get that content material materials in the marketplace!
  • Analyze info: Measure your outcomes with devices like Google Analytics.
  • Communicate outcomes: Review what occurred with your employees and see what you’re able to do to improve the next time spherical.

Now, you don’t have to be Bill Nye the Science Guy or Marie Curie, nonetheless bear with me. You’ll see how important the understanding of your clients really is to the success of your business.

Why does consumer psychology matter?

You’re most likely saying, “OK, Einstein, why should I take the time to care about this? I have a business to run!” I wouldn’t fault you one bit. I do know your time is efficient, and there are solely 24 hours throughout the day.

But I can assure you that in case you greater understand your prospects, you could shave hours, days and even weeks off the time you spend promoting and advertising and marketing to them and win rather more first-time and repeat business.

Consumer psychology in movement: FOMO

Have you ever heard of “FOMO” or the fear of missing out? Well, it’s better than solely a four-letter phrase — it’s science! According to a 1991 Princeton study, three psychologists found one factor pretty attention-grabbing:

People are further afraid of dropping one factor than they’re motivated by gaining one factor of equal value.


You experience FOMO each single day as a consumer, whether or not or not it is countdown timers on internet sites or subject traces stating, “Seats are filling fast” or “While supplies last!” When you’re confronted with a means of urgency or distinctive provide, you consider — even stress about — the thought of not having that likelihood as soon as extra, and so normally, you end up looking for providers or merchandise you may not even need. That potential loss is just an extreme quantity of for you to menace.

Maybe you’ve heard of Groupon?

An ideally suited occasion of a business that leveraged FOMO is Groupon. In 2008, Andrew Mason took a small website online devoted to getting people collectively to accomplish a collective goal and morphed it into Groupon. Groupon was a web site devoted to selling native corporations by offering affords for a restricted time (FOMO!).

Screenshot of first-ever Groupon offer
Photo credit score rating: Groupon

The first-ever Groupon was a deal for Motel Bar, positioned merely downstairs from the Groupon office in Chicago, Illinois. By promoting a significant low value (two-for-one pizzas) and attaching an exploding provide (restricted number of vouchers and restricted time solely) the coupon purchased out shortly. The concept caught on, and in merely two years, Groupons have been powering affords for small corporations in most U.S. cities and all through Europe.

The fear of missing out, as a result of it appears, is very large business.

Empathy is mission-critical to your promoting and advertising and marketing

An empath is any person who can mentally put themselves throughout the sneakers of one other individual.

Empaths are moreover numerous probably the most worthwhile entrepreneurs! That’s because of in case you may assume like your clients, you could improve the best way by which you market to them, making you further atmosphere pleasant and moderately extra environment friendly.

Knowing the options to these questions would permit you to peer into the ideas of your prospects:

  • What emotions drive them to buy from you?
  • How do environmental variables akin to buddies, family, media and custom have an effect on their looking for decisions — significantly in as we communicate’s linked world?
  • What motivates them to choose one product over one different?
  • How do personal elements and specific individual variations impact their looking for habits?
  • And last, nonetheless positively not least, what can a business proprietor resembling you do to efficiently attain out, interact with and convert your prospects?

How do I faucet into the ideas of my prospects?

By now, you understand consumer psychology greater and see the best way it could stop time and make you money. But how do you faucet into the ideas of your purchaser? Let’s talk about establishing your very first purchaser persona.

What is a purchaser persona?

A purchaser persona is the definition of your wonderful purchaser: that one who would each identify you, click on on to your website online or stroll by your entrance door and buy right away. No objections, no arduous questions — solely a straightforward, seamless shopping for experience. We all dream of that purchaser and would love to have an influx of them.

How do I create a purchaser persona?

The very very first thing to know is that establishing a purchaser persona is a course of. It’s not solely a one-time issue. As the world turns, your purchaser will definitely evolve. For occasion:

  • They might switch from city to the suburbs.
  • They might start working remotely or break up time between dwelling and office.
  • They might use a tablet or smartphone whereas they watch their favorite reveals.
  • They might talk to Google in its place of typing their search query.

Building a purchaser persona is all about asking your self the right questions repeatedly.

You’ll need to revisit and redefine your purchaser personas recurrently.


Knowing the importance of a purchaser persona, my employees put collectively a helpful buyer persona quiz to make it large straightforward for you. Just reply the questions, and in addition you’ll be despatched a PDF with your brand-new purchaser persona.

What do I do with my purchaser persona?

With your purchaser persona in hand, there’s masses you’re able to do. For occasion, try this occasion I cooked up:

After taking my very personal purchaser persona quiz with a consumer, we invented Mary. Mary is a 74-year-old retired engineer who lives in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. She loves gardening, rom-coms and her 5 grandchildren. She buys on-line and via catalogs, and everyone knows that she is analytical because of she was an engineer. Just these few data components can significantly help me market to Mary.

Once I’ve the persona, I take it a step further and uncover a stock {photograph} on Then I put the {photograph} and knowledge collectively (in a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation) and print it out, so I can on a regular basis have Mary by my keyboard. This subsequent half might sound silly, nonetheless it really works.

The subsequent time I brainstorm a promotion or create a social media put up or write an email correspondence advertising and marketing marketing campaign, I’m going to check out Mary and say, “What are you interested in today, Mary? What will get you to click and buy?”

Maybe I’ll ship an email correspondence and talk about watching “Bridget Jones’ Diary” with my partner or recount a story about after I launched my kids to the native museum and the entire fulfilling we had in consequence. I can tie these tales into my message and end with a nice call-to-action, like “Buy Yours Today!”

Do you see the place I’m going with this? You could also be inventive and talk to Mary’s pursuits, her feelings, her passions. You don’t merely have to inform her to buy now, nonetheless you could relate to her sensibilities whereas nonetheless making a compelling motive for her to purchase your providers or merchandise.

Putting all of it collectively

Yes, you might be not a licensed psychologist, nonetheless you now have a better understanding of how to use consumer psychology to grow your small business. By tapping into the minds of your prospects and understanding their pursuits, wants, passions and experiences, you could greater relate to them and bolster a worthwhile relationship with further thoughtful and empathetic promoting and advertising and marketing messages.

Don’t neglect to take a stab at establishing your private purchaser persona, so you could clearly envision your wonderful purchaser the next time you write a weblog put up, film a video, or create a straightforward Tweet or Facebook put up.

Ultimately, don’t forget that promoting and advertising and marketing is a marriage of art work and science, and it’s your accountability to proceed to study and rising your expertise items, so you could greater serve your viewers.