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I Spent the Weekend Eating Danish Food in Solvang, California

Once once more I selected a completely Danish meal, choosing the flaeskesteg and frikadeller — two phrases I’d by no means heard of earlier than this journey — together with the wienerschnitzel.

Solvang Bit O' Denmark food

Our dinner at Bit O’Denmark additionally included a variety of purple cabbage.

Anneta Konstantinides/Insider


At Bit O’Denmark, I additionally opted for an genuine Danish meal. Just as with the dishes at Solvang Restaurant, my plate got here filled with purple cabbage. There was additionally a selection of mashed, boiled, or roasted potatoes for every entrée, and I determined to order all three types.  

Wienerschnitzel may be considered one of Austria’s most well-known dishes, however the Danish even have their very own spin on the dish, usually serving it with lemon, capers, and anchovies, which is the model you will discover at Bit O’Denmark.

The $29 schnitzel was surprisingly mild and juicy, by no means a simple feat with such a skinny slice of meat (I’ve had many unhappy, dry variations I’d somewhat overlook). Its butter sauce paired deliciously with the meat, and the purple cabbage and cucumber salad added a pleasant burst of freshness to the expertly-cooked veal and potatoes. 

My dad is a large schnitzel fan and gave this dish two thumbs up, which is basically saying one thing. 


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