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There’s a mission early in Infinite Warfare’s marketing campaign through which you assault the moon. Most shooters would suppose assaulting the moon a grandiose sufficient premise for half-hour of popping digital heads. But in Operation Port Armour, assaulting the moon is merely the beginning. After clearing the Lunar Gateway of SDF troopers (which you are able to do by blowing out the spaceport’s home windows, sucking your foes out into house), you then board your Jackal fighter craft and leap into lunar orbit for an prolonged dogfight with SDF fighters launching from a close-by Destroyer.

But the mission does not finish there. Once the enemy fighters are down (or up – it’s house in spite of everything), you disembark your Jackal for a Zero-G assault on the Destroyer itself, floating alongside its hull earlier than blasting a gap within the bridge and clearing out the remaining crew from the within. All that is delivered in a single seamless sequence, from leaving the car bay of the capital ship Retribution to blowing the ultimate SDF troopers out of the Destroyer’s airlock.

Operation Port Armour might be one of the best particular person Call of Duty mission since Modern Warfare’s ‘All Ghillied Up’, and one of a number of explanation why Infinite Warfare is my favorite Call of Duty of the final decade. Call of Duty spent years struggling to flee the shadow of 2007’s landmark FPS, with outcomes starting from the insanity of Black Ops to the distress of Ghosts. In Infinite Warfare, Infinity Ward delivered a daring and imaginative sci-fi journey that innovated in methods the collection hadn’t seen earlier than, and due to the surprisingly damaging response to these improvements, additionally hasn’t seen since.

Infinite Warfare takes place in 2187, presenting gamers with an Expanse-like imaginative and prescient of the longer term. Humanity has reached past Earth however not the solar, colonising Mars and establishing frontier-like outposts on distant moons such as Europa and Titan. The unfold of humanity has given rise to new political factions and tensions past Earth’s environment, culminating within the formation of the Settlement Defence Force, or SDF.


The marketing campaign kicks off when these tensions boil over into outright conflict. After Earth’s army botches a recon mission to a analysis facility on Europa gone darkish, the SDF’s chief Salen Kotch launches a full-scale assault on a Naval Fleet Parada in Geneva. Your character, Captain Reyes, is on the bottom when the assault takes place, and should combat by the bombarded metropolis to regain management of its defence methods.

In phrases of spectacle and linearity, Black Sky is a well-recognized Call of Duty affair. But even at this early stage, Infinite Warfare strives to set itself aside from earlier video games within the collection. Black Sky is significantly longer than your common Call of Duty mission, letting Infinity Ward construct out Geneva as an area, and providing you with time to grasp the sport’s imaginative and prescient of the longer term. The stage additionally introduces a bunch of new devices and mechanics, like seeker drones that connect themselves to enemies earlier than exploding, hacking units that allow you to take management of enemy robots and use them to assault your foes from behind.

1Even in a completely totally different style, Jon Snow cannot escape the chilly.

It already feels extra uncommon and adventurous, however these are mere tasters of what’s to come back. For the primary time in virtually ten years, Infinite Warfare introduces solely new fight methods to Call of Duty. Space duels allow you to battle enemy spaceships in your Jackal, blasting fighters and destroyers with missiles and heavy cannons, whereas the Zero-G fight sees you floating by asteroid fields and alongside spaceship exteriors, utilizing jet boosters and a grappling hook to zip round environments, searching for scraps of detritus to make use of as cowl within the perilously uncovered void of house. Crucially, these usually are not throwaway gimmicks, which got here to dominate the video games that adopted Modern Warfare. They are basic parts central to the marketing campaign’s multifaceted missions.


And what missions these are. The photo voltaic system’s broader canvas permits Infinity Ward’s creativeness to run wild. After Operation Port Armour, Reyes and his crew journey to Titan to sabotage an SDF fuelling station. Here, they sneak by the yellow-tinted canyons of Saturn’s largest moon whereas methane rain patters on their helmets and the huge ringed planet looms over the horizon. This is adopted by my private favorite mission, a search-and-rescue operation on an asteroid spinning on a collision course with the solar. Here, you should sprint between cowl to keep away from being incinerated by the 900-degree floor temperatures as you examine why the asteroid’s mining facility has gone darkish. It actually will get throughout the horror and hostility of house exploration, and that is earlier than you begin being attacked by armies of crazed robots.

2Infinite Warfare’s house fight is an easy arcade affair, however boy is it enjoyable.

Call of Duty has at all times been a globetrotting collection, and so the flexibility to stretch past the globe fits it completely. Yet regardless of the huge geographical jumps, Infinite Warfare is arguably essentially the most cohesive Call of Duty marketing campaign. Unlike every different sport within the collection, Infinite Warfare simulates the connective tissue between ranges. Most missions are preceded by a preparation stage, the place you head to the (*4*) armoury to pick out your loadout, then take the elevator all the way down to the docking bay to board your ship. Similarly, they finish with you touchdown again onto the Retribution earlier than heading as much as the bridge for the following briefing. Infinite Warfare even represents travelling between planets, with dramatic “warp” sequences reminiscent of the Enterprise crew rocking about of their chairs in Star Trek. It all helps to promote the fiction to you, to make the longer term Infinite Warfare’s signify really feel coherent and plausible.

The complete expertise is extra bold than any Call of Duty earlier than or since Modern Warfare. Which is not to say that it is excellent. I do not thoughts Infinite Warfare’s story. It has likeable sufficient characters, together with David Harewood’s gruff Staff Sergeant and a comedy murderbot known as Ethan. But it is undermined by a weak enemy. When I first performed it, I assumed the issue was Kit Harington’s underwhelming efficiency as Salen Kotch. But the difficulty is broader than that. The SDF’s motivations and beliefs are thinner than Mars’ environment. Unlike the Expanse, Infinite Warfare has no actual curiosity in exploring the politics behind its sci-fi conflict.


3Zero G fight is a tad fiddly, however essential in promoting the fantasy.

But Infinite Warfare’s largest drawback, and what most separates it from Call of Duty 4, is that its concepts and improvements do not carry over to multiplayer. Whereas the marketing campaign has spaceships and Zero-G fight and a number of spellbinding areas, the multiplayer principally provides wall-running and double-jumps to Call of Duty’s current template. It’s bafflingly conservative, and Infinity Ward’s reluctance to push the boundaries right here represents one of the collection’ largest missed alternatives.

Had Infinite Warfare replicated its ambitions in multiplayer it could likely be extra extremely regarded in the present day, and Call of Duty as a collection would look very totally different, pushing into new areas somewhat than regurgitating outdated glories. Don’t get me incorrect, 2017’s WWII and 2019’s Modern Warfare have been each well-made video games, whereas the latter served as the springboard for Warzone, by far essentially the most thrilling factor Call of Duty has accomplished in ages. But the video games themselves have been borne out of nostalgia, restricted in what they might deliver that was new.

I hope Infinity Ward brings Infinite Warfare again in some unspecified time in the future, and provides the Jackals a second outing. But even when they do not, I feel the sport’s status will solely enhance as time goes on. The joys of Call of Duty’s multiplayer are fleeting, lasting solely till the following entry within the collection rolls round. It’s the singleplayer that lives on, and Infinite Warfare’s marketing campaign is one of Call of Duty’s best possible.

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