Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley memes: Light-up trunks, Dude Wipes, that tattoo

jake paul tyron woodley

Jake Paul is 4-0 after defeating Tyron Woodley on Aug. 29.


Another weekend, one other Jake Paul victory. Yep, the social-media video star is now 4-0 after defeating former UFC champion Tyron Woodley in a cut up resolution on Sunday evening. Paul claimed he was taking a pay minimize so as to give all the opposite fighters their largest purse ever. But do not cry for Paul, he is laughing all the best way to the financial institution — one estimate is that he made a cool $2 million for an evening’s work.

But the memes and jokes surrounding Sunday’s occasion are free and fabulous, so let’s discover.

The tattoo

As you’ll have heard, the fighters made a pre-fight guess. The loser will get a tattoo proclaiming their love for the winner. After the battle, Paul instructed Woodley that he’ll give him a rematch if Woodley follows by way of on the “I love Jake Paul” tattoo. Huh? Didn’t Woodley already comply with get the tattoo, rematch or no? Anyway, they shook on it, so … spherical two, anybody?

The tattoo made its manner right into a bunch of memes, one in every of which jokes about “Tyron Woodley ducking Jake Paul’s tattoo artist at the venue.”

Paul’s trunks

Boxing trunks aren’t simply clothes any extra. Paul wore trunks adorned with LED lights, and also you simply know folks had ideas on that.

Cracked one Twitter person, “Are they going to light up when he’s hit like the outfits in fencing and score a point for Woodley?”

Said one other, “Good because soon it’s lights out for him anyways.”

Dude Wipes

Woodley might not have had LED light-up trunks, however he did have the identify of a flushable personal-hygiene wipe — Dude Wipes — proper throughout the butt of his personal trunks.

The firm crowed about it even when Woodley misplaced, tweeting somewhat rest room humor with “Great Fight. We want a #2.:

Paul takes a giant punch

Paul dominated for the primary few rounds, however Woodley began to return again round spherical 4. And when Paul took a giant punch and hit the ropes, social media hit again. Let’s simply say folks prefer to see Paul get punched.

“Woodley got to punch Jake Paul in his face multiple times,” wrote one Twitter person. “Win or lose thats a huge W!”

Said one other, “Paul won the fight but Woodley had the most significant punch and round of the fight.”

And it would not be a battle involving one of many Paul brothers if folks weren’t declaring that the repair was in.

“The Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley fight was rigged,” wrote one Twitter person. “Jake nearly died from one punch.”

Said one other, “Woodley had Paul seeing stars in round four and came out in round five and didn’t even try to throw a punch. This was a complete set up to try to make Paul seem legit. Now he will fight Fury, who isn’t a real boxer either.”

Paul stated after the battle that he may take a break for some time, however followers are already calling for him to battle Tommy Fury, the brother of present heavyweight king Tyson Fury, who simply received his battle on Sunday in opposition to Anthony Taylor.