Kickstarter MMORPG Crowfall was just acquired by Mythgard publisher Monumental

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So, who had “Crowfall gets bought out” on the ol’ end-of-the-year bingo card? Did you even have “and the announcement gets made at 7:20 p.m. EST on the Friday night before Christmas break” on that card? Because each issues are happening this fantastic Friday night!

According to the press launch that hit our inbox, ArtCraft has bought Crowfall to Monumental. Monumental is a studio additionally situated in Austin, Texas, just like ArtCraft; it’s identified mainly for publishing the highly rated however low-pop CCG Mythgard, which it apparently picked up and rescued from upkeep mode earlier this fall. It doesn’t look as if ArtCraft itself was purchased, which might presumably imply ArtCraft’s second recreation will proceed on in growth, although ArtCraft’s Gordon Walton will apparently be “joining the Monumental team as part of this transition.” On Twitter, the businesses are promising a “long-term development roadmap” that we’ll actually be overlaying when it materializes.

Crowfall, after all, is an MMORPG that was Kickstarted again in 2015 and launched this previous summer time, although it’s struggled visibly to keep up a playerbase since. In reality, final week, gamers had been circulating an alleged inner investor report that advised the sport had carried out effectively under expectations and that the studio was exploring all its choices, together with sunsetting the sport and discovering methods to “make it attractive as an acquisition target.” The latter possibility seems to have been profitable.


Here’s the important thing a part of the press launch:

“Monumental at the moment introduced the acquisition of Crowfall, the PvP-focused Thronewar MMO that launched in July of this yr, from unbiased recreation developer ArtCraft Entertainment. Starting at the moment, the operations transition will happen instantly with no interruption to the sport service.

“Our team is excited to join Monumental as they share our passion for Crowfall and commitment to its future,” defined ArtCraft President and Executive Producer Gordon Walton. “Monumental sees this as more than a unique and compelling game; it’s an online platform designed around player interaction and a perfect platform for experimentation. Monumental is committing the resources to help Crowfall reach its full potential. I’m personally and professionally excited to be joining the Monumental team as part of this transition.”

“As an early backer and avid player through its development, I could not be more pleased to welcome Crowfall to the Monumental family,” stated Monty Kerr, Chief Executive Officer of Monumental. “Gordon brings an extraordinary team of talented and creative developers, as well as decades of experience building and operating MMOs. As a combined team, we are well positioned to fully realize Crowfall’s lofty ambitions.””




ArtCraft’s J. Todd Coleman has now posted a dev weblog explaining that he met Monty Kerr again within the Shadowbane days; Kerr was each a recreation dev and a participant of the sport, and his frank criticism of that recreation became a friendship. Kerr has an inventory of critiques for Crowfall after its launch and dwindling participant numbers from July to September too. And then?

“I told him that his list was great, and we’d love to be able to try a lot of those ideas, but that we just didn’t have the resources, i.e. the time or money, to do it. He thought about that for a while, and then came back to me with a proposal: he wanted his company to buy Crowfall, hire the team, and take the game back into development. Go back to working on the promise of Crowfall: a dynamic online world with real conflict, where players decide the fate of the world. I’ve said it before, many times: ArtCraft is not a giant corporation with unlimited resources. In truth, his proposal offered a number of things that, frankly, were otherwise off the table. Not only would it keep the game running and the team employed, but it would offer a chance to re-energize it. New ideas, new energy, and more resources than ACE could bring to bear. So, after much discussion with our board of directors, we accepted his proposal. The company that was ArtCraft is being split down the middle. Gordon and Blair and the Crowfall team will be joining Monumental. Josef and I will be working on a new game (that we started with completely separate funding, by the way) and keeping the newer folks who were hired for that project.”


Kerr additionally posted a observe to followers.

“I love Crowfall. I especially love the idea of Crowfall. I was a Sapphire Patron of the Kickstarter campaign (and still looking forward to getting my Baron title). Todd and his early team crashed in my office in downtown Austin until they found office space. I played every release and I’m still playing. I plan to play Crowfall for many, many years to come. As always, I’m blown away with what Todd and Gordon and their team built. I’ll also be the first to admit that I couldn’t have built Crowfall. But I can finish it, expand it, and make sure this unique and amazing game has found its forever home.”


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