Kill List Extermination Guide — Lethal Predator Tracks and Den

One of the earliest Prospect missions in Icarus is named Kill List Extermination. In it, you’ll have to trace down and eradicate a lethal creature. Here’s our Icarus information that will help you with the Kill List Extermination mission and the Lethal Predator.

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Icarus: Kill List Extermination Prospect Mission Guide – Tracking Down and Eliminating the Lethal Predator

Similar to the Livewire Terrain Scan mission in Icarus, you’ll need to prep by gathering supplies and guaranteeing that you simply’ve obtained the appropriate instruments for the job:

  • Wood Bow (30x fiber, 24x stick) and both Stone Arrows (1x fiber, 1x stick, 1x stone) or Bone Arrows (1x fiber, 1x stick, 5x bone) – We’ll primarily use the bow to take out the goal.
  • Bedroll (20x fiber, 10x stick, 20x fur, 10x leather-based) and numerous wood furniture – Keep at the least one bedroll so it may be used as a makeshift spawn level.

Track Location #1

Our preliminary aim within the Kill List Extermination mission in Icarus is to seek out the Lethal Predator’s tracks. The first one will seem in your map simply southwest of the dropship. You’ll see the blood and tracks in a clearing (G15).

Icrsrv Ms2 Klxtrm 1

Track Location #2


After interacting with the primary spot, the second location will seem. It’s additional northeast of the dropship. You ought to see the bloody tracks on the fringe of the tree line close to the sloping path (I13).

Icrsrv Ms2 Klxtrm 2

Track Location #3

The third spot is instantly east of your present location. Follow the bottom of the mountain because it loops round to see the carcass (K13).


Icrsrv Ms2 Klxtrm 3

Lethal Predator’s Den

Once you’ve interacted with the third carcass, you’re advised that the Lethal Predator’s den in Icarus is someplace within the space. However, it’ll solely get marked in your map as soon as it’s nighttime (i.e., 1800 to 0400).

The den itself is south of location #3, previous ravines and ridges (J16). The Lethal Predator, which may have totally different names like Kanis the Victor or Shakur the Sleeper, will spawn when it’s night time. But, should you may get there whereas the solar’s nonetheless up, you might get the soar on it.

Icarus Kill List Extermination Lethal Predator Den Tracks 1

Killing the Lethal Predator in Icarus

A good suggestion is to position a Wooden Ramp (12x fiber and 20x wooden), permitting you to go on prime of a rock formation. You can keep on this spot, sniping the Lethal Predator with ease. In some instances, its script will get bugged as properly, and it’ll simply keep on the entrance of its den, poking its head out to get hit by your arrows.

Icarus Kill List Extermination Lethal Predator Den Tracks 2

If the Lethal Predator’s script is working and you may’t discover a higher vantage level, then prepare for a busy bout. From time to time, it’ll run inside one of many dens and regenerate a little bit of HP. Then, it’ll howl and summon a few pack wolves. If you’re fortunate (i.e., the script is working and you may attain a better space), then you may snipe the Lethal Predator and each wolf that it spawns for some further XP.

Whatever the case could also be, you may simply head again to the dropship after killing the Lethal Predator (you don’t must carry its carcass). This will full the Kill List Extermination Prospect mission in Icarus.

Note: There appears to be a bug that stops individuals from acquiring foreign money rewards in the event that they’re enjoying offline.

Icarus Kill List Extermination Lethal Predator Den Tracks 3

Icarus is out there by way of Steam.

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