Marijuana use could make prescription drugs ineffective 

Using marijuana could cut back the effectiveness of some frequent drugs, together with well-liked over-the-counter drugs and others used to deal with breast most cancers, an knowledgeable says.

Dr Philip Lazarus, a pharmaceutical sciences at Washington State University, advised UPI that his group has discovered is lab analysis that utilizing marijuana could both supercharge, and even cut back, the effectiveness of drugs in someone’s system.

Common drugs like Tylenol, Motrin – or different ibuprofens – or blood thinners could be too efficient when interacting with marijuana, and probably hurt the person.

On the opposite hand, an typically used breast most cancers remedy may be rendered ineffective when it interacts with hashish. 


The findings are worrying, as many individuals use marijuana to calm down themselves, and even to handle ache. Use of the drug has change into commonplace in recent times, and the analysis exhibits it could be doing harm to some individuals who require these drugs day-to-day.

Marijuana could interact with some pain-killer or breast cancer treatment drugs in a way that could be dangerous. The drug interacts with Tylenol and ibuprofen in a way that could causes liver damage. For people who use tamoxifen, a breast cancer drug, marijuana could reduce the drug's effectiveness (file photo)

Marijuana could work together with some pain-killer or breast most cancers therapy drugs in a approach that could be harmful. The drug interacts with Tylenol and ibuprofen in a approach that could causes liver harm. For individuals who use tamoxifen, a breast most cancers drug, marijuana could cut back the drug’s effectiveness (file picture)

‘We noticed some vital inhibitions,’ Lazarus advised UPI. 

‘The concentrations we see within the lab are in all probability an indicator there may be a minimum of some inhibition of those enzymes in real-time.’   


They checked out how two chemical substances present in marijuana, CBD and THC, work together with enzymes and different bodily capabilities that enable an individual’s physique to interrupt down that chemical substances.

Warfarin, for instance, is a blood thinning drug typically utilized by folks struggling blood clotting.

If the drug interacts with CBD, it change into so efficient that it could change into harmful. 

‘That one, you do not mess with. The results of getting too excessive a stage even transiently for a couple of days may be deadly,’ mentioned Ed Bednarczyk, a professor on the University at Buffalo, advised UPI.


‘That’s the king of the hill for danger, as a result of it is everywhere in the map by way of patient-to-patient variability.’

Marijuana can even supercharge the consequences of ibuprofen. While the over-the-counter remedy is mostly protected in regular doses, it may change into problematic to an individual’s kidney if overused.

When it interacts with hashish, ibuprofen or different ache killing drugs like Tylenol, change into extraordinarily efficient – virtually too efficient – and might trigger liver harm. 

‘[Ibuprofen] is poisonous to your liver and your kidney anyway, however you begin taking marijuana on high of that, then you are going to see some vital results,’ Lazarus mentioned.

‘It would in all probability trigger toxicity since you’re slowing down its metabolism, so meaning you are not excreting the stuff and you’ve got extra of it sitting in your physique.’

Tamoxifen, a drug used to deal with breast most cancers, has the other interplay with marijuana.

Tylenol and other pain killers could are commonly used, making marijuana use a potential danger to some (file photo)

Tylenol and different ache killers could are generally used, making marijuana use a possible hazard to some (file picture)

Researchers discovered that marijuana could negatively impression the enzymes an individual’s physique makes use of to interrupt down the drug.

If the drug shouldn’t be damaged down sufficient in an individual’s physique, the total advantage of it won’t be acquired, inflicting an individual to not obtain the whole quantity of therapy they’re anticipating.

This may be particularly worrying since many breast most cancers sufferers truly use marijuana for pain management, and to alleviate stress, whereas receiving therapy for his or her illness. 

These findings are regarding for individuals who usually use these drugs and devour marijuana, and Lazarus needs to additional examine these interactions between marijuana and prescription and over-the-counter remedy.

‘We must do some scientific research to point out in people who when you’re taking a particular drug and then you definately additionally smoke a marijuana cigarette that morning, you see larger or decrease ranges of that drug in your physique,’ he mentioned.

The utilization of marijuana of within the U.S. has enormously elevated in recent times because it slowly positive factors legalization and decriminalization throughout the nation.

A research printed earlier this 12 months, that gathered information from 2017, discovered that over 15 p.c of Americans had used marijuana over the previous 12 months, and the quantity of people that used the drug each day had double from 2006 to 2016. 

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