Matrix 4 New Video: Keanu Reeves, Plot Mysteries

Bugs, with bright blue hair and wearing sunglasses, stands in front of Neo in The Matrix Resurrections.

How does Bugs (Jessica Henwick) know Neo (Keanu Reeves)? Just a few video hints at it.Image: Warner Bros.

Morpheus mentioned it finest: “No one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.” That goes double for the upcoming fourth movie within the franchise, The Matrix (*4*). Even somebody who has seen each single trailer, TV spot, or clip that’s been launched to date in all probability can’t say for sure what the film’s about. But a brand new featurette comes closest to date to answering just a few of your burning questions.

In the beneath video, we study the place, precisely, Thomas Anderson (performed by Keanu Reeves) is. We find out how that pertains to Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss), and even how new character Bugs (Jessica Henwick) matches in to their story. It’s not an entire rationalization however the dots are beginning to come collectively.


Going into this film, there have been some apparent questions. Fans assumed Neo was useless. Was he truly useless? They know for positive that Trinity is useless, so how is she again? Trailers have additionally proven footage from the earlier three Matrix motion pictures—so may this be simply one other one of many Neo variants we discovered about in The Matrix Reloaded?

This video means that, by some means, a way, Neo and Trinity are within the Matrix. All the discuss of being fed blue tablets, after which seeing him take a crimson capsule, clarifies that. But wasn’t somebody going to disconnect the Matrix? Also, if Bugs has a crew of people that not solely imagine in Neo however are clearly from the actual world, how does that work? How do they find out about Neo? Wasn’t the actual world speculated to be freed?

All of these questions, and lots of extra, will likely be answered on December 22 when The Matrix (*4*) hits not simply theaters, however HBO Max. We’ll have extra in regards to the movie, together with a assessment and interviews with the writers, as that date will get nearer.

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