Model shares how a man tried to get her number at the gym and got defensive when she rejected him

A 19-year-old mannequin has urged males to depart girls at the gym alone after a man in his 40s tried to ask her out on a date whereas she was stretching. 

Utah-based mannequin Avrey Ovard was recording her gym session and stretching when an unnamed man went up to her and began hitting on her. 

When Avrey, who shared video of the interplay on TikTok, instructed the man he was ‘too outdated’ for her, he quipped that he was ‘too wealthy to exit with her’ anyway. 

Many of her social media followers criticized the man, saying he had a fragile ego and could not deal with rejection, whereas others mentioned Avrey’s remark ought to make him assume twice about asking out younger-looking ladies in the future. 

Avery, 19, was stretching on a mat at her gym when the man approached her

The man, who was in his 40s according to Avrey, asked her for her number

Utah-based mannequin Avrey Ovard, 19, pictured, revealed how a man hit on her at the gym, earlier than urging males to depart girls alone when they’re figuring out

Avrey, pictured, shared the video on TikTok after the rejected man told her he was 'too rich for her' anyway

Avrey, pictured, shared the video on TikTok after the rejected man instructed her he was ‘too wealthy for her’ anyway

In the clip, Avrey will be seen quietly stretching on a mat positioned by the door and water fountain, when the man, whose face is not proven, approaches her.

At first, he will be heard asking for her identify and the spelling of it, earlier than inquiring as to whether or not she’s ‘taking a video’ – having clearly noticed the digital camera subsequent to her.

According to Avrey, he then walked off, earlier than returning moments later to proceed their dialog, a lot to her dismay. 

Interrupting the mannequin’s exercise, he explains that he was at the gym for a bodily remedy session, telling Avrey that he had ‘torn one thing’ in his leg. 

The man then asks: ‘When I’m about to get out, you won’t be right here. I wished to get your number… for dinner.’ 

The model, pictured, told the man she was 'too young' for him when he asked her out (pictured)

The mannequin, pictured, instructed the man she was ‘too younger’ for him when he requested her out (pictured)

After the 'awkward' exchange, Avrey, pictured, went back to her phone as if nothing had happened

After the ‘awkward’ change, Avrey, pictured, went again to her cellphone as if nothing had occurred 

However, Avrey, who’s already in a relationship, calmly replies: ‘Oh I’m sorry, I’m too younger for you.’ 

The man clearly wasn’t happy with her reply, and defensively responded: ‘Yeah? Well I’m too wealthy.’

Avrey shared footage of the awkward interplay with her 180,900 TikTok followers, issuing a warning to different males in her caption, which merely said: ‘Leave girls alone!’ 

Her video has since been inundated with feedback from different customers, with many saying the man’s ego was too fragile to deal with rejection. 

‘Why can males not deal with rejection,’ wrote one.  

Fans told Avrey she handled the situation well, while others said the man was too weak to handle rejection (pictured)

Fans instructed Avrey she dealt with the scenario properly, whereas others mentioned the man was too weak to deal with rejection (pictured)

A second commented: ‘By saying you are too younger holds him accountable for his actions, half the time we have now to say “I have a BF” and males nonetheless push for numbers and stuff.’ 

Meanwhile a third added: ‘I really like the method you mentioned I’m too younger as an alternative of I’ve a BF idk would possibly steer him away from younger individuals hopefully.’ 

A fourth wrote: ‘I’m too younger was the good response.’

‘He’ll prob take into consideration how outdated he’s for the remainder of his life now. Men are so weak when it comes to rejection.’

In a video posted to her YouTube account, Avrey shared extra particulars about the awkward interplay, revealing that it was the first time she had ever skilled that type of habits from somebody at the gym.  

The model, who is pictured with her boyfriend, urged men to 'leave women alone' while sharing the footage on her TikTok and YouTube accounts

The mannequin, who’s pictured with her boyfriend, urged males to ‘depart girls alone’ whereas sharing the footage on her TikTok and YouTube accounts 

Avrey said in a clip posted to her YouTube channel that the gym is 'literally the last place' she would 'ever want to be hit on'

Avrey said in a clip posted to her YouTube channel that the gym is 'literally the last place' she would 'ever want to be hit on'

Avrey mentioned in a clip posted to her YouTube channel that the gym is ‘actually the final place’ she would ‘ever need to be hit on’

‘So I’m stretching, minding my very own enterprise,’ she says throughout a voiceover, whereas sharing the footage from the gym. 

She reveals that she ‘could not cease pondering, “Why is this older guy talking to me?”‘ all through their dialog, and was left surprised by his blunt response to her rejection. 

‘You can see it on my face, I couldn’t consider that occurred,’ she shares. ‘I’ve by no means been hit on at the gym earlier than. 

‘I see a lot of TikToks about ladies being hit on at the gym and I all the time assume I’m actually fortunate that is by no means occurred to me.’

She concluded the clip: ‘Men, depart girls alone in the gym. It’s actually the final place I might ever need to be hit on.’