Mortal Online 2 now lets players build houses, claim keeps, and grow fresh beards in latest update

What is greatest in life in Mortal Online 2? Is it crushing enemies? Is it seeing them flee? No, it’s proudly owning a pleasant home and having the ability to put on a fresh beard, and that’s simply what’s potential (*2*).

Players can now place a home in the land, hammer it into its full state (apparently), and formally make themselves a house. For those that have grander aspirations of what house must be, the update additionally lets players take possession of ruined retains and build them again up with a maintain deed. There’s additionally home distributors, maintain distributors, the flexibility for players to share buildings, and the choice to securely sign off from the sport whereas inside a house.

The update has additionally added a number of different options together with a 3rd set of beards and hairstyles to the character creator, together with the standard random assortment of additives like extra wildlife, the Clothos Maiden Queen boss combat, new Terror Birds, noticeable rain, new texture high quality choices to strive and alleviate sport stutter and VRAM-related crashes, and the top of having the ability to management a mount whereas useless; sorry, wannabe liches.



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