Mumma’s Kitchen Delights on Building a GoDaddy Website

The sweet model of on-line success

Everybody loves chocolate. That’s the motive behind Mumma’s Kitchen Delights, a confectionery enterprise that home-taught chocolatier Samantha began to are more likely to after 21 years as an accountant.

The sweetest origin story

The establish of the chocolate retailer enterprise was born from a charming Christmas present; a plaque and apron given to Samantha from her kids as a outcomes of regularly strolling earlier the kitchen to take heed to “Just try this!” – a phrase which is now worn with pleasure inside the kind of the right enterprise strapline.

Having taken refuge in her “happy place”, the kitchen, and turning into completely immersed in her affection for confection, Samantha decided to develop her chocolate selections previous her household when she was overwhelmed by optimistic options.

“I like to make lots of treats for family and friends and make them happy. When I got the presents for Christmas and everybody that received their sweet treats raved about them, I decided to start my own business. I extended my delights to everyone else’s families through my website.”

Building a delightfully easy site

To uncover the ultimate phrase sweet spot of making completely different of us blissful by way of chocolate, Samantha decided she needed her very private site to develop her purchaser base and start selling on-line. She started setting up the Mumma’s Kitchen Delights website in January 2021, and was in a position to go keep as shortly as February third.

On creating the site, Samantha acknowledged: “I have never done anything like this before and I was surprised at how simple GoDaddy made it. I chose GoDaddy after looking at a couple of website builders and GoDaddy looked the most user-friendly. The website builder was simple and easy to use and the guides are always polite, professional and very helpful, helping me set up delivery options on the shop, as well as the terms and conditions and privacy policy on my home page.”

But, like a discipline of goodies, starting a enterprise hasn’t always been predictable, notably all through a pandemic. Samantha admits her accounting background is method stronger than her inner-marketeer, so promoting her merchandise (notably by the use of social media) has been tough.

But in all probability probably the most helpful lesson she’s learnt, and one factor that her kids usually remind her, is that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Patience, promotion and good promoting and advertising are three qualities that Samantha believes are very a lot needed in enterprise and have been essential throughout the making of her on-line chocolate retailer.

“It has been challenging starting a new business in these difficult times. I am not a marketing person, I am a numbers person, so I find promoting my products challenging and using social media isn’t something I’ve really done much of. But the marketing section of the GoDaddy website has been so useful, enabling me to send out newsletters and promotions to subscribers.”

A (chocolate) fountain of knowledge

As successfully as a little help from GoDaddy, one non-public attribute that has helped Samantha progress her on-line journey and nurture her enterprise is willpower. As a perfectionist, she explains that it might be disheartening when points don’t go to plan, nonetheless willpower always helps her to proceed onwards.

In the hopes that Mumma’s Kitchen Delights will make a purchaser as blissful as a result of it has made Samantha to make it for them, she is going to get butterflies when she completes a purchaser’s order and takes it to the put up office for provide. For this chocolate retailer proprietor, success is printed by the satisfaction of her prospects.

“It can be tough waiting for orders to come in, but when they do and the customer has enjoyed your chocolate so much that they send you a thank you and tell their friends, that’s why I do it. One customer sent me a message telling me I spread joy and happiness and that’s what I want to do because we all need joy in our lives.”

On starting out, Samantha would encourage entrepreneurs to lower their expectations barely, to steer clear of disappointment. But making completely different of us blissful is on the coronary coronary heart of all of it, and one factor that makes her the proud mom or father of this enterprise.

“My advice for someone else starting out would be not to expect it to be a success overnight! Use GoDaddy’s platform to build your website, then update it as you go, and use the GoDaddy marketing templates for promotions and newsletters. There is a lot to learn when starting a new business, but thanks to GoDaddy, one very important part of my business was easy to set up and took the stress out of building a professional website for the first time.”

Feeling impressed?

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