Pokemon GO December 2021 Community Day Best Pokemon Ranked

Pokemon GO’s bumper December 2021 Community Day is right here and with it, 22 totally different out there Pokemon, leaving individuals questioning which is greatest.

While 11 of them are 2020 Community Day Pokemon, 11 of them have been spotlighted in 2021.

This has left gamers questioning how they need to dedicate their treasured time and treasured Pokeballs.

So, that can assist you out, right here is our rating of the most effective Pokemon GO December 2021 Community Day Pokemon and which of them it’s best to catch.


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Pokémon GO | Season of Heritage






11. Duskull

Duskull was an especially underwhelming Community Day earlier this 12 months.


Dusknoir’s particular transfer was successfully ineffective and it’s not an amazing Pokemon both means, plus its shiny type had already been launched.

You can’t do a lot worse than aiming for Duskulls this 12 months.

10. Shinx

It was cool to see Shinx step into the Community Day highlight as, up till this level, it was a raid unique Pokemon. Unfortunately, nonetheless, that doesn’t make it any good.

Giving Luxray Psychic Fangs as its Community Day transfer helped it climb the Great and Ultra League rankings a little bit, nevertheless it nonetheless doesn’t make a splash in any PVP mode and it doesn’t assist it in Raid Battles.

9. Tepig

It’s all the time good to have a brand new Shiny launched in Pokemon GO, sadly, that’s about all that was good about Tepig’s Community Day.

Blast Burn is a extremely strong Fire-type transfer, Emboar simply isn’t the Pokemon you wish to have it on.

8. Machop

Although Machamp’s Pokemon GO Community Day transfer was a little bit bit garbage, there’s nonetheless advantage to catching Machops.

It continues to be semi-relevant in PVP and may pack a punch in PVE, so it’s value catching simply to refill on Candy, each XL and regular.

7. Roselia

The Roselia Community Day was superb.

Roserade is a strong Grass/Poison-type Pokemon however neither of its Community Day strikes are incredible. Bullet Seed is overwhelmed out by Poison Jab and when you’re trying to go full Grass/Poison, Weather Ball doesn’t assist it.

You may do worse than Roselia, you possibly can additionally do higher.

6. Eevee

Eevee was a tough one to rank, nevertheless it finally ended up sixth for quite a lot of causes.

Half of the Eeveelutions didn’t truly profit from their Community Day strikes and matched with the truth that Eevee had already had a earlier Community Day, it was a little bit underwhelming.

That being mentioned, when you’re after a strong Sylveon, Umbreon or Leafeon, you then’re in luck, as these three are the massive winners from 2021’s Community Day.

5. Oshawott

If you battle within the GO Battle League, you’ve doubtless come throughout a couple of Samurott and that’s primarily as a result of its Community Day transfer, Hydro Cannon.

While it doesn’t fairly make the higher echelons of both the Great or Ultra Leagues, it’s nonetheless a strong decide.

4. Snivy

Like Samurott, Serperior is a little bit of a mainstay within the GO Battle League, once more, due to its Community Day transfer.

According to PVPoke, it’s the fiftieth most suitable option within the Ultra League, offered it’s powered up with XL Candies, so now’s your probability to refill.

3. Fletchling

One of 2021’s extra shocking Community Days turned out to be considered one of its greatest.

Talonflame has immediately change into one of many Ultra League’s best Pokemon and you’ll’t go too fallacious with grabbing a ton of XL Candies for it right here.

2. Gible

Arguably the preferred Community Day of this 12 months was Gible. The Psuedo-Legendary Pokemon Garchomp is extremely fashionable and matched with a extremely good Community Day transfer was a really particular Community Day.

It was solely simply pipped to the primary spot by the subsequent Pokemon.

1. Swablu

Arguably, the king of 2021’s Pokemon GO Community Days is Swablu and its evolution Altaria.

Although it’s not historically probably the most thrilling Pokemon, it completely tears it up in Pokemon GO’s Great League, much more so now it could possibly study Moonblast.

Here is the order that we expect you have to be prioritising the December 2021 Community Day Raid Bosses:

11. Abra
10. Magmar
9. Electabuzz
8. Porygon
7. Weedle
6. Seedot
5. Piplup
4. Gastly
3. Magikarp
2. Charmander
1. Rhyhorn

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