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Rainbow Classic gives back to community

The Rainbow Classic is all about giving back to the community – followers donate with cash raised going to the Golisano Children’s Hospital. Since 2001, over $500,000 has been raised.

“It’s a great event where everyone comes together and everyone’s having fun. No hate in this game. Just a lot of love,” stated Jackson Greene, a Mendon participant.

For John Nally, the coach of Sutherland, the Rainbow Classic is additional particular.


“Some of the kids that we do this for like Ryan McCluski is a kid that I knew personally so it means a lot because of that,” Nally stated.

McCluski is among the essential causes for the occasion. The sport is in his reminiscence and the occasion raises cash to assist youngsters, like he was, within the hospital now.

It doesn’t lose its luster, and subsequent time round, it’s wanting to be back on the University of Rochester.


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