Random: Concept Artist Mixes Zelda And Cyberpunk 2077 To Impressive Effect

Say hi there to ‘Cyberlink’

Gray_Shuko Zelda Cyberpunk 2077Image: Gray Shuko

Freelance idea artist Gray Shuko has taken two of probably the most talked-about video video games of recent instances and fused them collectively in a chunk of beautiful art work.

Shuko’s radical interpretation of Link from The Legend of Zelda sees the well-known Hero of Time transported into the close to future, and equips him with sci-fi weapons and kit paying homage to the much-hyped (however critically-mauled) Cyberpunk 2077.


The outfit incorporates components of Link’s costume from Breath of the Wild, mixing it with cyberpunk stylings, akin to V’s iconic coat.

The art work reminds us of Jeremy Vitry‘s mixture of Zelda and Overwatch from 2016.

#Zelda X #Cyberpunk2077 fanart— Gray Shuko (@Gray_Shuko) November 28, 2021

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