Swords of Legends Online kicks off Shenzhou’s Winter Festival for everyone

Snow is also an s-word.

Forget all that nonsense concerning the spirit of giving or togetherness, the actual spirit of Christmas is hopping by a snow maze as a snowman. Yes, we are saying that about each single vacation occasion in MMO-land, however with Swords of Legends Online we really mean it, particularly when you think about how hecking cozy these winter outfits within the header look. Sure, we don’t know why you’d put on a heat and comfy scarf and hood over a gauzy miniskirt, however perhaps your legs are simply heat from all that operating as a snowman.

There’s extra to do than simply operating round in a maze as a snowman, although. You may struggle individuals as snowmen in a 10v10 match in Huaixiu Village, or you may kind out who’s the true king of roast rooster between two brothers. (This one doesn’t contain being a snowman.) The occasion runs till January sixth, so that you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy yourself with the holiday festivities.



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