The curious tale of Kate Brew and Kenton Valley’s One Fat Emu

Rising from the ashes

After Kate Brew’s family nearly misplaced all of the items throughout the 2015 Adelaide Hills bushfires, she knew it was time to watch her objectives and lastly start her private enterprise.

With 4 children all beneath eight, Kate and her companion choose to evacuate as the hearth approached, barely than maintain and battle to protect their dwelling in Cudlee Creek.

Their dwelling was happily spared by the flames, nonetheless the fires set Kate’s family on a model new path.

In the aftermath of the fires, they purchased their dwelling on account of work commitments and moved to Ballan in Victoria. Within two years, that that they had returned to the Adelaide Hills and purchased Nether Hill Farm in Kenton Valley.

Located solely 45 minutes from the Adelaide metropolis centre, the Nether Hill Farm is a component of the thriving enterprise neighborhood. It’s one of South Australia’s oldest farms, courting once more to the 1800s, and its stone homestead is framed by majestic timber and rambling gardens.

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A lesson in following your passions

While establishing Nether Hill Farm as a venue, Kate moreover adopted one different passion of hers. She primarily based an web handcrafts and homewares retailer and named it One Fat Emu. This new enterprise allowed her to reconnect collectively along with her lifelong love of textiles and craft – creating genuine handcrafted homewares and aged yard gadgets comprised of found and foraged provides.

“I was at a crossroads in my life,” says Kate, who studied textiles after leaving highschool nonetheless then went into enterprise and promoting and advertising.

“Living so far from the city in the Adelaide Hills, it didn’t seem viable for me to go back to the workforce after we had our children.”

Through her love of the pure world, she drew inspiration from quite a few sources — akin to woodland areas and rusty farm sheds — to create new designs. Her gadgets moreover replicate her sturdy love of foliage and flowers, whereas incorporating found objects and pure provides.

“I’d felt the lingering need to start a business of my own for a long time and it felt like the time was right to follow that dream.”

Job No. 1: substitute the farm’s on-line image

Nether Hill Farm already had an web web site, nevertheless it absolutely was “old-fashioned, clunky and ugly.” To substitute it, Kate decided to start from scratch using GoDaddy’s Website Builder devices. She wished to create a basic web page that showcased the farm and events of us might e-book there (like weddings).

One Fat Emu online store
Kate sells her creations to shoppers across the globe from her GoDaddy on-line retailer.

For One Fat Emu, Kate moreover constructed an eCommerce web page that allowed her to easily create image galleries, promote devices on-line and course of funds. She moreover used GoDaddy’s space establish service, whereas taking profit of Online Store devices to assemble her web retailer.

Taking these steps allowed her firms to thrive. Without them, she could possibly be limiting her market and alternate options to develop the businesses.

“If you’re not online these days you’re really invisible to a lot of people,” Kate says.


Today, Kate believes that, “… a professional-looking website helps establish your strong brand and credibility – even if you’re working from your kitchen table – while ensuring your customers that they’re in good hands.”

On the once more end, One Fat Emu’s eCommerce choices make it simple to file product sales, reconcile funds and observe the growth of the enterprise.

“I’m still figuring out how to make the most of these features, but that’s okay because it’s all about building your skills over time. No-one expects you to be an expert overnight.”

Work from wherever

Kate constructed GoDaddy web pages for every of her firms, taking profit of the built-in social media devices to assemble an web profile. She used these devices to help unfold phrase of mouth throughout the nation and the world over.

Her exhausting work paid off. In 4 weeks she had her first two wedding ceremony bookings and noticed rising product sales with One Fat Emu.

“My first One Fat Emu sale was to someone overseas in England and it just blew my mind – not just that people were interested in my work, but that I could work from home and easily sell my things internationally.”Kate Brew at work in the shop

With a model new enterprise web page in place, Kate realized she may match from wherever.“I don’t need to commute into the city and be at my desk by a particular time every morning.”

In some strategies, Kate now works harder than ever. She often sends emails after her children have gone to mattress and works on installations into the earlier hours of the morning.

“Sure it’s challenging – there’s no pressure like having to work towards ensuring a couple has the perfect wedding day – but I absolutely love what I do! I’ve never felt so content.”

Additionally, Kate moreover has the flexibleness to play a bigger half throughout the children’s lives. She has the freedom to take them to highschool and attend school live performance occasions every time she pleases, whereas nonetheless specializing in work initiatives she’s eager about.

“People say ‘Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’ – that’s so true,” she says.

Tips on planning your web page

Kate Brew inside One Fat Emu

When planning your on-line enterprise web page, Kate recommends having a look at completely different comparable web pages to see how they present themselves. “Don’t be afraid to borrow layout and design ideas,” she notes.

In the beginning, Kate made the error of making an attempt to cram an extreme quantity of information onto each net web page. It wasn’t prolonged until she discovered that a lot much less is often further.

“Initially, I tried to put too much content on each page of my site and it became very messy and cluttered – which isn’t good when you’re trying to convey a sense of elegance and simplicity.”

Put your self throughout the sneakers of new visitors to your web page. Consider what launched them to the positioning, what they’re in search of and how they’ll switch by way of the utterly completely different pages. From there, decide the place you want them to enter your web page, what you want them to do subsequent and the targets you want to receive on your on-line enterprise.

Think regarding the tone you want to set and the message you want to convey about your on-line enterprise.

Another very important issue to ponder is how photos affect your firms’ first impression. “You need high-quality images with a similar aesthetic to give your site a consistent look and feel, which helps sell your message,” says Kate.

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If you’re considering establishing an web web site on your on-line enterprise, Kate recommends taking the leap and finding out as you go, barely than aiming for perfection on day one.

“Many people hold back because they’re nervous about the technology, but it can mean they never actually get their great idea off the ground. Don’t be scared – with the right tools at your disposal it’s easy to build a great website that brings your business to life.”