The Witcher season 2, episode 5 recap: The Child of Destiny

Things are ramping up in The Witcher season 2 and I’ve acquired to say, episode 5 is my favorite thus far. We lastly get to listen to Ithlinne’s prophecy and perceive who Ciri actually is, in addition to uncover {that a} new breed of monsters have arrived on the Continent. New enemies seem to hunt Ciri, wielding that beautiful forbidden fireplace magic from the primary collection, and it is as much as Yen to rescue Jaskier from this indignant mage. Oh, and did I point out Ciri desires to undergo the Trial of Grasses? No? Well, let’s get to it.

We meet Lydia and Rience on this episode, with Rience being the mysterious fireplace mage from episode 4. He’s captured Jaskier and his torturing him for details about Geralt of Rivia, particularly to find Ciri. It’s not clear who the 2 are working for but—might be Dijkstra, might be the emperor, or perhaps even Eredin and The Wild Hunt—however they’re undoubtedly dangerous information. Luckily, Yennefer catches up with them and pretends to be Jaskier’s drunken spouse earlier than blowing a fireball in Rience’s face. Jaskier and Yen then proceed to run round Oxenfurt wearing daring purple—so inconspicuous! 

Unfortunately, our duo are separated once more as Yen is captured and held prisoner. The unusual crone from the hut pays her one other go to and this time Yen obliges, uttering the spell to summon herself to the hut. This time she asks for what she must do to regain her powers, and the reply? Why, it is seize Ciri, of course!! No doubt our favorite sorceress has an ulterior motive in thoughts right here, however it’s unclear whether or not she’ll be as ruthless as earlier than and sacrifice the lady to get her powers again. I’m hoping she tries to search out out who this bizarre hut witch is first.


Episode particulars

Episode 5

“Turn your again”

Written by: Haily Hall


Directed by: Ed (*5*)


 Triss and Vesemir persuade Ciri with little effort to donate some of her blood to check their concept—that she has elder blood and, when blended, will produce the chemical compounds wanted for the Trial of the Grasses. And it really works—a brand new breed of Witchers may quickly be on the horizon. The caveat right here is that Ciri calls for she be the primary to be examined, which may clearly have some dire penalties. 

Meanwhile, she tires of feeling misplaced and never figuring out who she is, so Triss suggests some form of guided meditation to go to figures from her previous and assist determine herself out. Notable people out of your previous—mother and father, grandparents, previous mates and so forth—should not have the ability to work together with you as they’re reminiscences, however that is Ciri we’re speaking about, so the shit hits the fan fairly shortly. Eventually, Triss and Ciri discover Lara Dorren, an elven sage, cradling a new child whereas wounded. She holds Triss by her throat, and regardless of her pleas, Ciri does nothing to avoid wasting her, as an alternative she’s listening to Ithlinne’s prophecy and watching the Wild Hunt on the horizon. It’s right here that we lastly uncover that she’s a Daughter of Chaos, a descendant of Lara Dorren who handed on her elder blood. While Calanthe hated Elves and her personal heritage, it did not cease the potent lineage and Ciri is simply as highly effective as her ancestor.


The dream lastly ends and Triss is completely horrified by what she’s seen, stating that Ciri is “a seed that bursts into flames; you may destroy us all!”. Ciri cries out for Geralt who occurs to nonetheless be on the monolith and the bottom shakes as her scream pierces the air. Geralt and Istredd’s concept that the monolith’s act as conduits for the monsters is confirmed, and when the Cintra monolith was shattered, new monsters emerged because the monoliths had been activated. 

Geralt additionally finds out from Istredd that Yen is alive, and we see one other tender second the place we see a combination of pleasure, confusion and I’d guess fear on the information. It’ll be some time earlier than they meet once more, nevertheless, as they should get again to Kaer Morhen and Nilfgaard. Istredd discovers that Ciri’s bloodline solely goes way back to Fiona, so he heads off to see some info brokers to search out out extra. Meanwhile, Geralt arrives again simply as Ciri is about to endure the Trial, which he places a agency finish to, reminding her that she is extraordinary and good, not the world-destroyer Triss sees her as.

Geralt of Trivia 

  • Fringilla and Francesca’s friendship is blossoming as they discover widespread floor in reclaiming energy.  

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