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Toddler Brought Pet Fish to School in Her Water Bottle

  • Early December Lauren Scanlan, of Pennsylvania, received an surprising name from her kid’s college.
  • Her daughter Peyton, 3, had packed her betta fish in a sip cup.
  • Scanlan says the story resonates with mother and father in every single place.

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Last week, Lauren Scanlan’s telephone rang. It was the director of her daughter’s preschool, calling with some surprising information. 

“She stated, ‘Mrs. Scanlan do you occur to know that Peyton introduced her pet fish to college in her sippy cup?” Scanlan instructed Insider. “All I may say was ‘no. No, I used to be not conscious.'”

Scanlan’s thoughts instantly jumped to the following query: Did she have to go decide up the fish? No, the director assured her with fun. The fish was alive and nicely and will spend the remainder of the day on the director’s desk. 


“Well, her identify is Mermaid,” Scanlan replied. 

The fish who went to college 

Scanlan’s home — like most household properties — is chaotic throughout the morning. Scanlan makes certain that Peyton, 3, and her brother Johnny, 6, each do their chores and pack their college baggage earlier than leaving. 

One of Peyton’s chores is feeding Mermaid, the household’s betta fish. On the morning in query, Scanlan seen Peyton performing a bit suspicious. 

“She instructed me ‘do not come over right here,'” Scanlan says. 


That’s when Scanlan noticed spilled fish meals on the ground. She assured Peyton that it was OK, and thought that the mess defined her daughter’s conduct. She instructed Peyton to end packing her schoolbag — together with her sippy cup — after which the 2 set out for varsity. 

At snack time, Peyton’s instructor seen that her sippy cup was holding greater than water. Not solely was Mermaid in there, however Peyton had additionally sprinkled fish meals on prime. 

“She was good about this,” Scanlan stated. 

Peyton defined that she simply wished to carry Mermaid to college as a result of she beloved her fish a lot. 


Fish in a sippy cup

Mermaid on the way in which again to her tank.

Courtesy of Lauren Scanlan

A feel-good story

The story of Peyton and Mermaid started to take off when Scanlan’s cousin posted about it on Twitter. Scanlan thinks it has gone viral as a result of it resonates with so many mother and father. 

“They perceive the morning shuffle and the scramble,” she stated. 

The Scanlan’s morning routine has a couple of new steps, together with ensuring all fish and hermit crabs are accounted for earlier than Peyton leaves the home. She even has to show her cup when she will get to college. 

“We’re that household now,” Scanlan stated. 

Mermaid survived the ordeal. She was even upgraded to a much bigger tank, one with a safer lid. As for Peyton, she’s nonetheless on the great listing this Christmas. 

“You cannot get mad,” Scanlan stated. “It’s going to be an amazing wedding ceremony story.”

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