What if: Capcom gave Dino Crisis a Resident Evil-like remake?

Following the success of its Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 remakes, and information that a Resident Evil 4 remake can also be on the best way, I believe it’s about time Capcom resurrected one other videogame sequence from its survival horror library: Dino Crisis. If it had been potential to purchase, obtain, and play it right now then you might make an argument for it being one in every of one of the best horror video games on PC, and it’s a horrible disgrace that Capcom has seemingly left the sequence to go extinct.

Admittedly, it wasn’t so way back when the meatheaded lows of video games like Resident Evil 6 and Dead Space 3 all however killed the style. But PT and Alien: Isolation supplied a spark of inspiration again in 2014, which was fanned by the likes of Resident Evil 7, The Evil Within 2, and Prey. Now survival horror video games are as standard as they’ve ever been. Just think about how large they’d be now if Silent Hills had truly been launched.

It’s not a query of whether or not or not Capcom can remake Dino Crisis – the current Resident Evil remakes present each the right template and technical basis for such a challenge – so let’s make the case for why it ought to. What if Capcom gave Dino Crisis a Resident Evil-like remake?

If you’ve seen the Jurassic Park or Jurassic World films – or performed among the greatest dinosaur video games on PC – you’ll have a fairly strong understanding of how violent and scary these outsized lizards may be. While zombies are the most typical enemy you’ll face within the Resident Evil video games, Dino Crisis swaps out the hordes of shambling undead for lethal velociraptors.


Running away from a raptor-like creature in Dino Crisis

These guys are cold-blooded killers, actually. Their velocity and energy make them a versatile enemy, pushing the participant to make life or dying choices far faster than the lumbering residing lifeless. They’re additionally smarter than zombies, which the unique Dino Crisis displays by having its velociraptors chase you throughout rooms and even disarm you with a tail whip, forcing a determined scramble to get well your gun.

it’s a nice disgrace that Capcom has seemingly left the sequence to go extinct

Raptors provide a very completely different sort of horror. They’re ambushers, with a mighty leap, sharp claws, and chilly eyes that reawaken a deep, primal worry – they remind us that people weren’t at all times high of the meals chain.


Just because the Resident Evil 2 remake utilised the innumerable advances in graphical constancy, animation, and sound design made for the reason that authentic sport’s launch to make its undead enemies the true stars of the sport, a Dino Crisis remake might lastly make its velociraptors equal elements memorable and terrifying.

Regina from Dino Crisis walking towards the camera in a lab

As scary as raptors are, sadly, they’re roughly the one enemy you face in Dino Crisis, save for boss fights in opposition to a T-Rex and Pteranodon. A Dino Crisis remake might observe within the footsteps of the Resident Evil 2 remake by remixing enemy placements, behaviours, and even using a wider number of dinosaur species for extra numerous encounters.

dinosaurs remind us that people weren’t at all times high of the meals chain


Herbivores may act as a reprieve from the onslaught of meat-eaters, supplied you retain a secure distance – being clobbered by an Ankylosaurus or skewered by a Triceratops isn’t any approach to go. Sinornithosaurs might pack a venomous chunk, dealing injury over time you can solely cease with particular therapeutic objects. Giant snakes just like the Titanoboa pose a recent problem, hanging with long-range lunges and even constricting round you and forcing you to make use of your fight knife to flee. Microraptors might emulate Resident Evil 2’s Lickers, stalking you from partitions and ceilings earlier than swooping right down to assault. And let’s not neglect the terrifying bird-sized bugs of the Permian period.

The lore of Dino Crisis additionally leaves the door open for builders to invent solely new species of dinosaurs; the chances are mainly limitless (simply as long as Capcom doesn’t carry again Resident Evil 6’s terrible zombie T-Rex).

Regina from Dino Crisis lookign around some shelves in a stock room

A remake can also be a nice alternative to handle the sport’s repetitive environments, which don’t evolve a lot past a green-grey complicated of labs and workplaces that’s being swallowed by the jungle. Dino Crisis was initially meant to have a jungle setting, however couldn’t because of the {hardware} limitations of the PS1. A Dino Crisis remake might considerably broaden the sport’s scope, letting you discover extra of Ibis Island.

New environments like a jungle, volcano, and coastal areas additionally present extra selection and gameplay potential, with the latter permitting marine reptiles like Mosasaurs to make an look. If there’s a lesson that Capcom ought to study from its Resident Evil 3 remake, nonetheless, it’s that much less isn’t at all times extra, so if it’s going so as to add new places, they shouldn’t come on the expense of iconic ranges from the unique.

As with most survival horror video games of the period, Dino Crisis makes use of mounted digicam angles that change as you progress by means of its environments. The good thing about that is that builders can fastidiously choreograph every scare. It’s nerve-racking to enter a room for the primary time, hear the shriek of a velociraptor, and do not know how shut you’re to being its dinner.

Regina from Dino Crisis shooting a velociraptor with a pistol

However, whereas it’s efficient, tank controls and glued perspective horror are each painful to play by means of these days. There’s ample proof in Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 and three remakes that a mounted perspective isn’t the one approach to ship good scares – a Dino Crisis remake would definitely profit from a fashionable, over-the-shoulder perspective.

Admittedly, it’s arduous to see Capcom wanting again to Dino Crisis given how a lot success it’s having fun with with Resident Evil, however I’d settle to see Dino Crisis come again from the brink of extinction on a platform like GOG. The solely approach to legally play the sport is to purchase a bodily copy, and they aren’t cheap. As I’ve mentioned in a earlier article about The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth: “It’s pretty hard to lobby for a sequel to a series that almost nobody can play”. This is a cult basic for a cause, one which deserves to be reimagined for contemporary audiences. Fans are nonetheless engaged on mods for the primary sport, so it’s not been utterly forgotten. Go on Capcom, spare no expense.

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